posted on: 8/19/2012 3:21:48 AM EST
Getting paid to do Advertising.
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Internet Advertising and getting paid to do advertising is almost as old as the internet itself I think !

People wanted to attract traffic to their blogs and Google for one saw the opportunity and built a great business around it. Advertisers paid them to advertise their business and in return if they let Google place adverts on their Blogs or websites they were rewarded.

I for one remember years ago how happy I was to get a $10.00 cheque from Google. It was one of my earliest ventures on the Internet and cam from my little blogger blog .

Since then we have seen all kinds of advertising opportunities pop up on the net not all offer cash rewards. Some simply let you post free adverts.

Advertising on the Internet is now BIG business as most search engines offer businesses a portal to get their adverts online, and getting paid to do advertising is now an art in itself as businesses seek new innovative ways to get the word out there with their offers !

Like Google the opportunity for businesses to have adverts on their web sites to earn cash is seen by others as a great model .

Zeek also love adverts so to get the word out there Zeek Rewards started offering affiliates rewards for placing free ads on the 100's of free advertising sites also saw this as a great way to get people involved to their main business penny auctions.

I for one liked the concept as you had to work to get rewarded just like good blogging saw Google reward me.

Sadly as with so many businesses something is not right in the Head office of Zeek and the USA regulators have stepped in.

I do not want to pretend to know what has happened but I would like to suggest that it is sad that a really easy great rewarding way to getting paid to advertise is no longer available!

So my conclusion is it is back to blogging really well and hope that Google keep sending the cheqes for many.

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Noel Clarke   1049 day(s) ago
Thanks Vanda - great post
Barbara Blevins   1265 day(s) ago
Agreed Vanda - blogging is a sure way to gettting traffic, but needs to be done regularly !
Brian Passman   1268 day(s) ago
Well said Vanda, a salutary lesson you learned years ago and re-enforced by recent sad events
Steve Grace   1268 day(s) ago
Hear, hear Vanda. Keep on blogging.

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