posted on: 7/16/2011 12:12:08 AM EST
Be Proud of Your Business!
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Don’t you absolutely cringe with discuss whenever someone asks…”Is This a Pyramid Scheme?” AAAARRRRgggghhhh!! Right? I mean really, isn’t EVERYTHING in the World under this notion of “pyramid”? Think about it, the schools, churches, grocery stores, fortune 500 companies and everything else fashioned such as this? What is the purpose of asking that question, really? Has the world been so mistreated that we run from anything that resembles freedom?

I was on a training call today and heard the most amusing thing I think …ever…she says “I don’t wanna have to pay any money to make money, all I want to do is work and get a paycheck, period! I want to do my own business but not have to put up any upfront investment.” Huh??? I mean honestly, where can you do that, I wanna know!?

It saddens me to think that people in society today “want” to get a better life, but not bad enough to trust their own talents and abilities. What are we saying to our children of the day, that it is ok to have a dream but please for God’s sake don’t go after it. WOW! Think about it, I am what I am. If that makes me a perfectly talented engineer of building pyramids, then so be it! At least I am taking the bull by the horns and creating my own destiny. Are ya with me?

There are Network Marketing Companies that offer 401K, that allow your business to be willable and transferrable to leave behind. MLM companie’s send out paychecks or direct deposit, we have Manager’s/Supervisors. We have a job to do. So I ask you, what is the big difference? Are you really that afraid of yourself? Do you lack ambition to make yourself money instead of making a corporation money and giving them all the power to make you feel less than an important person for all of your hard work? Do you like being disposable? I don’t! So Join me and my fellow marketers to create a change in the world-Let’s all stand and say…YES I CAN-I AM WHAT I AM!

Until Next Time, Good Luck and Be Blessed

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