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* Laminin Protein* is the Molecular glue that holds our body Together..
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Facts about ** Laminin ** … a Most Powerful Protein that is the “molecular glue that holds our bodies together”.

Laminin is a cell in our bodies with significant marveling characteristics that stump and awe the general public. It is a glycoprotein that connects tissues and aids in cell cohesion. The mystifying thing about laminin is that this protein has a centerline with cellular arms sticking out of it that look oddly reminiscent to the Christian crucifix's iconography.

Thus, Laminin's mystery embodies symbolic and physical properties of great importance.

Function of laminin

Physically speaking, laminin is a major protein in the body that's usually found in muscles and organs. These cells are part of the glycoprotein family, which supports the structuring of the tissue of every living organism. Laminin is a basic component that enables cell survival. Defective laminin cells will consequently produce muscles that work improperly, which can lead to dystrophy.

Laminin Design

Laminin is built from three chains of trimeric proteins consisting of an a-chain, b-chain and y-chain. It has arms that extend outward in the form of a cross, although they do not always stand at right angles. These arms are the glue that allows laminin cells to grab hold of each other with ease to create bonds and formations. Mostly, the extended arms of laminin allow for binding that in turn anchors laminin cells on to a membrane with swift organization.

Laminin and Cells

On the cellular level, laminin is fundamentally a networking cell that associates itself with other main proteins networks, such as with type IV collagen, which is another popular connective tissue found in mammals. Other cells working with laminin are entactin, a member of the glycoprotein family, and perlecan, which has an extracellular matrix that inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Laminin Beliefs

Because laminin is considered the “molecular glue that holds our bodies together”, while also resembling a cross, Christians have correlated laminin to the inner workings of Christ in our bodies. People believe laminin is a living example of this saying in the Colossians 1:15-1 in the Bible: "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created; things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible ..."

Iconography of Laminin

The cross symbol is scattered throughout humanity's religious and ancient past. Neolithical cross carvings have been found in France, which appeared as wheel crosses. The Native American cross used over 4,000 years ago actually looks like a swastika. In ancient Egypt, the T cross symbol, otherwise called the Tau cross, was used a religious icon.

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