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How ZNZ works and Why it's NOT a Scam
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Let me start this by quickly answering the question everyone wants to know; “Is Znz a scam or an opportunity to work from home?”

Znz is NOT a scam and I actually profit from it quite well.

Now that’s out of the way I do want to go over step by step exactly how this program works. By the end of this post everyone should understand why it is not a scam, and that Znz never receives your credit card numbers at all. Bear with me if this gets a bit long as I want to ensure no one is confused at the end of this.

Zipnadazilch is actually affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing is one of the most legitimate work from home opportunities available. What an “affiliate” does is goes out and markets for other companies to receive a commission. (basically we sell other peoples stuff) This is also referred to as Cost Per Action. (or CPA) These companies (like are willing to pay a “Cost” to receive a specific “Action.” Let me use a few scenario’s to help better explain this process.

Let’s continue using for the sake of this example. As we all know companies like this spend billions in marketing every year (we’ve all seen the annoying commercials) in an attempt to get more customers. They always boast about a “free trial” on television because they are always offering this promotion.

However, as much as they spend on marketing they are never guaranteed that these advertising dollars will pay off, often times they take a loss. This is why CPA became so popular many years ago. Companies like this decided that another way to invest their money would be to pay a specific “cost” to anyone who would deliver a specific “action.” Clearly this removes any gamble from their marketing budget as FreeCreditReport knows exactly what they’re getting for this money. They are literally being handed a potential customer and we are handed the opportunity to work from home, let’s look at this in motion…. makes public to all affiliate marketers that they will pay thirty five dollars to any one “affiliate” that delivers a prospective lead. So we have established the companies “cost” which is thirty five dollars; now they tell the affiliate that in order to receive this money the new prospect has to provide a phone number, name, address, and credit card. (now we have established the “action” required) So affiliates like myself, you, or Znz can sign-up on their site as an “affiliate” and start marketing using specific links and banners they provide for us. Then when someone stumbles onto one of our links somewhere in cyberspace and takes advantage of this “free trial,” will pay us thirty five dollars. This is affiliate marketing and CPA at its best.

Now Znz took this one step further and decided they would promote these companies by making it a work from home opportunity. The idea is truly ingenious.

Zip nada zilch one went out and signed up with many different companies (as an affiliate) who were all willing to pay the same “cost” to receive the same “action.” (name, phone, address, and credit card) Then they created the website with the videos, tools, and training necessary for other “affiliates” to market this work from home opportunity for twenty dollars a lead. Their only requirement was that we first become one of these “leads” and then we are free to market as much as we want using all of their tools.

Now with all this knowledge on affiliate marketing and cost per action you maybe wondering why you would go through Znz one and not just sign-up directly with to receive the full amount. Valid question; as an affiliate marketer I do promote for several companies besides Znz. However, the big advantage with Znz is that they provide the video presentation for me and they do pay me daily. I love that part simply because every other company will only cut a check once a month, and then they require a minimum of one to two hundred dollars before they will cut a check at all.

Znz is willing to wait for their money and they are the ones who set up with many different companies bettering my chances of converting one into a lead. In other words instead of me just trying to sell someone on a trial of to get paid, they can choose one of many other companies and I still get paid that day rather than a month down the road. It truly is easy money everyday!

Now I appreciate you bearing with me on the length of this, and since I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is; I have created a separate post (How Links Are Tracked) explaining how these links are merely a “re-direct” and that when you enter your information it is on that companies web-site and not Znz’s. I hope this clears up the notion that Znz one is not a scam but rather a very good opportunity for any inexperienced (or experienced) affiliate to start making money now while learning the business.

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Dave Minor   1339 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharing how ZNZ works. have a great day and God Bless
Steve Vicky Bruce   1339 day(s) ago
Thanks Lora for all the great info about Znz. Great job. Have a great weekend and GO IBO

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