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VISI TESTIMONIES Weight loss Fibromyalgia pain gone Migraines gone
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Another Happy VISI Weight Loss Customer – Got this message today:

From Lanie:

“I wanted to tell you that I’ve lost 5 pounds since starting the Visi Weight Loss capsules almost 2 weeks ago. At 52, I’ve been carrying an extra 70 pounds since going through menopause at 35. My metabolism has been next to nothing and I was feeling very sluggish and had no energy. I started doing Zumba fitness and Funk fitness and lost 30 pounds. These last 40 pounds have been very hard to get off even though exercising 4-5 times a week.

Taking the Visi Weight loss capsules once a day, the 1st day I noticed how much I got done around the house and in the yard. I felt good all day, not feeling hungry, no heartbeat racing. I just felt energized. Everyday so far, Visi weight loss gives me that kick in my step to get my body moving and I’m not feeling as hungry. What I really love about Visi so far is no dry mouth or that nasty taste in your mouth you tend to get with other weight loss pills.

Honesty, I feel great. Getting on the scale I was surprised I lost 5 pounds so far with the Visi weight loss capsules, along with Zumba fitness and Funk Fitness. I have 30-35 more pounds to go and I believe Visi will help me along with these last 35 pounds”. I’m waiting to finish a month to see how much I lose, and then I will become a distributor for Visi.”

From Kody:

Amazing week – I have personally Lost 6 lbs in 7 days and feel amazing. I eat less, and it has had some surprising and amazing effects on my asthma and fibromyalgia — the fiber fog is like gone and have only used my inhaler once this week the first of the week and usually would be 3 or 4 time a day . . . . I AM AMAZED and So Glad Lisa introduced me to Visi —- Visi for Life

And this is from Sherrie:

“John & I were talking a few months ago, that for a network marketing company to have any kind of a chance in today’s market, you have to have a stand out product that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Little did I realize s that product would land in our laps. Seriously, I have never been so excited about a product EVER! I am 3.5 lbs away from a weight goal I have not been able to reach in over 20 years…my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!! I am down 13 pounds and enjoying food and life!!!”

From Deborah - people are noticing their headaches and migraines are disappearing!

Today is Day 6 and I'm two pounds less! So happy and excited to be starting a new bottle tomorrow. I don't know if I'm imagining or if this is possible but here's what happened yesterday with me. It was a very gray, cloudy overcast day with some light rain. I often get terrible migraine headaches with that weather. Most of the day was migraine free except for the middle of the afternoon, I noticed I started getting grumpy and my head was hurting. I thought "great there goes the rest of my day" (ibuprofen doesn't help). Anyway, about two hours later I noticed that the migraine just vanished

Here is the many videos from testimonies to product information and Dr Charles Rouse,

Whether you just want to become a preferred customer or a distributor VISI is doing amazing things,

You can also follow me on my new blog
Looking forward to helping you lose weight feel great and make money helping others.

Lisa Young
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