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Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic
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Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic

In his latest book, bestselling author Mike Dooley builds on the principles from Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change to offer a step-by-step strategy for leveraging the Universe in the course of self-fulfillment and success. In just seven steps, Dooley teaches you how to channel the Universe's incredible energy to achieve your greatest dreams. Filled with practical strategies and simple exercises that anyone can do, Leveraging the Universe lays out the path to engaging the magic that is available to everyone. Dooley weaves his inspiring personal history throughout the book to demonstrate firsthand how properly applying the Universe's power has brought success and fulfillment to his own life.


What Do I Want?

Many people wondering where they want to go with their life approach me with questions that sound a lot like this: “How do I find that special niche that only I can fill?” “How do I discover my purpose?” “How can I know what I should be doing with my life?” Yikes! Can you see how from the get-go the original question of “What do I want?” has very subtly turned into questions preloaded with assumptions—assumptions that render them unanswerable, assumptions that have nothing to do with what you really want?

In the first chapter, we talked about the nature of our reality and saw that you are a creator. You’re now careening through eternity, rediscovering yourself, your playfulness, and your incredible, almost unbelievable powers. You’re not here to save anybody! You’re not here to fill some kind of career niche! You’re not here to find out what the right job is for you!

You’re here simply because you, a fragment of God, wanted to be here.

You chose to be here to see what might happen, based on the choices you’d make once you arrived. You’re here for the adventure of it. You’re here to let your desires take you wherever they may.

You are here to be you!

You are precious and extraordinarily unique. Your existence as you were, are, and will become is a vital part of the whole. Your insights are irreplaceable; you see with your eyes a view of the world that has never been seen before. You hear with your ears what has never been heard before. You feel with your heart what has never been felt before. And with this gift of existence, all you have to do is simply be yourself.

Life—the whole thing—is a discovery process, an adventure process, a fun-and-games process. There are no preconditions. There are no prerequisites. You can have whatever you want. That means there are no shoulds! Should simply limits and obligations. Or they imply that you’re concerned about what other people think, fitting into some kind of mold, making enough money, or the like. There’s nothing helpful or empowering about shoulds.

But notice what happens when we go back to the guiding, and long since forgotten, question that actually sparked the confusion most people are tangled with: “What do I want?” Returning to this, to your primal, divine desire, while pitching the shoulds, will completely reorient you as it recasts how you see the world around you and puts you in a clearer place for charting your course. In many instances, it will also bring you back into the present, rather than have you living in the future, since the question is primarily concerned with what you want now.

This step of asking what you want and getting to the root of things doesn’t just apply to life-changing career choices; it applies to everything—even the simplest things. Too often we fall into the “should trap” because our society is of the notion that if we don’t figure out the shoulds and hows ahead of time, we’re being recklessly irresponsible. After all, no one is going to figure it out for us! Yet such thinking completely neglects the spiritual side of life, our divine heritage, and the magic we’ve always been free to tap into.

When the weekend comes, for instance, I often think to myself, “What should I do this weekend?” Or when it comes to writing a new book or another Note from the Universe, I’ll think, “Hmm, what should I write?” It’s another offshoot of the spiritually primitive times we live in that we often just think in terms of shoulds. And to compound the issue, not only do most people think that creating change in their lives must begin with physical effort, calculated entirely based on the world (the illusion) around them, but then we’re labeled selfish if we’re led by what we want instead of what is good for others, further causing us to think in terms of shoulds!

If I ask myself instead, “Do I want to work on a new book?” suddenly it’s easy to answer. Or for the weekend, if I ask, “Do I want to go here or there?” Then that’s easy too. “Who do I want to spend time with?” “What do I want to give priority to in my life?” These all become easy questions to answer.

Clarity is magnified when you change the word should to want, and this substitution becomes easier to allow yourself to do when you understand that whatever payoff the should would have theoretically provided—like comfort, safety, or even abundance— is dependent more upon the Universe and life’s magic (once leveraged and engaged) than your choosing the right should. The Universe and life’s magic are best engaged when you’re happy, doing what you want.

Warmest Regards
Anastasia Venditti

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3/2/2015  How Fear Blocks Creativity Protecting Your Flow by Madisyn Taylo
2/28/2015  Be Free from Unhealthy Relationships by Rhonda Findling
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12/31/2014  Cocreating with the Universe - Asking for What You Want by Madi
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11/28/2014  Leaving the Earth a Better Place - A Legacy of Love by Madisyn T
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11/5/2014  Cyber Monday in the United States
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9/10/2014  The Direction of Happiness - Leaving a Relationship by Madisyn
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6/22/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
6/21/2014  It’s All About Helping!
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6/19/2014  The Music of Language - Words Are Energy by Madisyn Taylor
6/18/2014  Without a Net - Living Life with Trust by Madisyn Taylor
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6/15/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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6/13/2014  A Matter of Priorities - Letting Go of the Little Stuff by Madi
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6/11/2014  Back in the Driver’s Seat - The Passenger by Madisyn Taylor
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6/8/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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6/3/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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5/31/2014  Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior On-line Course by Dan Mi
5/30/2014  Our Earthly Origins - Reclaiming Our Roots by Madisyn Taylor
5/29/2014  Layers of Feeling - Coping with Passive Aggression by Madisyn Ta
5/28/2014  Echoes of Power - Sacred Vows by Madisyn Taylor
5/27/2014  Sharing Grief - Opening to Receive Comfort by Madisyn Taylor
5/25/2014  Heal Yourself with Writing On-Line Course by Catherine Ann Jones
5/24/2014  Regret - The Weight of the Past by Madisyn Taylor
5/23/2014  Time for Wellness - A Self-Healing Day by Madisyn Taylor
5/22/2014  Evolving Commitment - Spirituality in the Workplace by Madisyn T
5/21/2014  Stronger than You Know - Getting Ourselves Worked Up by Madisyn
5/20/2014  Moving through Darkness - The Places We Go by Madisyn Taylor
5/19/2014  Thinking Like a Farmer by Jim Rohn
5/18/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
5/17/2014  Blessings from A Course in Miracles On-Line Course by Ana Holub
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5/13/2014  A relationship is a grand conversation By Nancy Zapolski, PhD, L
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5/10/2014  Attract All with Hindu Mantras From Attract All with Hindu Mantra
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5/8/2014  Present in the Progression - Letting Life Unfold by Madisyn Tay
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5/4/2014  Getting In The Zone by Darren Hardy
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4/30/2014  Information and Inspiration Roadmaps of Life by Madisyn Taylor
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4/23/2014  Before the World Wakes - Morning Meditation by Madisyn Taylor
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4/21/2014  How to Transform Your Thinking and Your Life by Jim Rohn
4/20/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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4/7/2014  Demolishing Anger’s Walls Resentment by Madisyn Taylor
4/6/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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4/4/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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3/11/2014  The three-part myth of “is, because, and I” By Joe DiMaggio, MD,
3/11/2014  Paradox and Possibility By Cathy Elliott, Landmark Forum leader
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1/26/2014  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
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11/11/2013  "Lest we forget" By Deborah Hall Transformational Coach for The C
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11/9/2013  One of Life’s Great Lessons – Learn to be Thankful for What You A
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11/5/2013  Here are my top 10 favorite John Maxwell quotes:
11/5/2013  Three Keys to Greatness by Jim Rohn
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11/3/2013  Action vs. Self-Delusion by Jim Rohn
11/3/2013  Tony Robbins quotes about action and Change/Decision
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10/14/2013  Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Deborah Hall T
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10/9/2013  Change Begins with Choice by Jim Rohn
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10/6/2013  Change Begins with Choice by Jim Rohn
10/6/2013  The Miracle of Personal Development by Jim Rohn
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10/5/2013  Creating Opportunity by Jim Rohn
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10/3/2013  4 Signs That Your Financial Health Is Suffering – Peak Potentials
10/3/2013  Three Keys to Greatness by Jim Rohn
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10/2/2013  Evolution through Exploration - Purpose by Madisyn Taylor
10/1/2013  Mind Your Own Business by Darren Hardy
10/1/2013  The Most Fulfilling Road - Finding Your Next Step in Life by Mad
9/30/2013  The Four Emotions That Can Lead to Life Change by Jim Rohn
9/30/2013  Take the Science of Your Heart by Deborah Hall Transformational C
9/29/2013  Oh, those silly humans… By Gale LeGassick, Landmark Forum leader
9/29/2013  The Miracle of Personal Development by Jim Rohn
9/28/2013  Learning To Meditate From the Learning To Meditate On-Line Course
9/28/2013  Clearing a Space for Change - The Weight of Objects by Madisyn
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9/27/2013  Yogis of Tibet Applying Their Principles by Madisyn Taylor
9/26/2013  A portal to the domain of possibility By Jane Wright, Landmark F
9/26/2013  Give Your Anger to the Earth Transforming Anger to Light by Madi
9/25/2013  Standing for a future when it’s only a possibility By Steve Zaff
9/25/2013  Releasing Negativity Pity Party by Madisyn Taylor
9/24/2013  Landmark Insights: Possibility—more like dancing than stepping by
9/24/2013  Vast and Potent Silence by Madisyn Taylor
9/23/2013  Can You Feel It? By Deborah Hall Transformational Coach
9/23/2013  One of Life’s Great Lessons – Learn to be Thankful for What You A
9/22/2013  Three Principles That Lead to Sales Success and Wealth by Jeffrey
9/22/2013  Successful Quotes.
9/21/2013  Doing the Remarkable by Jim Rohn
9/21/2013  Facing the Enemies Within by Jim Rohn
9/20/2013  Open Vessels - The Power of Not Knowing by Madisyn Taylor
9/20/2013  Working through Silence - Noise as a Distraction by Madisyn Tay
9/19/2013  The Key to Winning by Denis Waitley
9/18/2013  The Ways We Love - Choosing to Have a Mate or Being Single
9/18/2013  Yes, Success is Everything by Jim Rohn
9/17/2013  A Self-Created State - Worry by Madisyn Taylor
9/17/2013  The Music of this World Natural Sounds Meditation by Madisyn Tay
9/16/2013  Calamity in Life
9/16/2013  Doing the Remarkable by Jim Rohn
9/15/2013  Breakdowns – the good, the bad, and the opening for action By Ba
9/15/2013  The lens through which we see – fixed or open to invention?
9/14/2013  Self-Image – How to Improve It
9/14/2013  Change Begins with Choice by Jim Rohn
9/13/2013  Conditioned Response - Reactions to Life Events by Madisyn Taylo
9/13/2013  Life’s Nourishment - The Sun by Madisyn Taylor
9/12/2013  The Master is Forever the Student
9/12/2013  Discovering True Selves Soul Seeing by Madisyn Taylor
9/11/2013  The Two Choices We Face by Jim Rohn
9/11/2013  Focused Value Quality vs. Quantity by Madisyn Taylor
9/10/2013  Leadership—standing for possibilities bigger than ourselves By S
9/10/2013  The Miracle of Personal Development by Jim Rohn
9/9/2013  Reflections of Self - We Are All Mirrors for Each Other by Madi
9/9/2013  The Rose by Jim Rohn
9/8/2013  Action vs. Self-Delusion by Jim Rohn
9/8/2013  Four Words That Make Life Worthwhile by Jim Rohn
9/7/2013  How To Use Words To Get What You Want by Peak Potentials
9/7/2013  Overcoming Creative Anxiety by Eric Maisel
9/6/2013  Let It Flow Tears by Madisyn Taylor
9/6/2013  Vibrational Imprints - Psychometry by Madisyn Taylor
9/5/2013  "I would choose NETWORK MARKETING" - Bill Gates by Grant Thomas Z
9/5/2013  Evaluating Your Associations by Jim Rohn
9/4/2013  Warning Signs Paying Attention to Red Flags by Madisyn Taylor
9/4/2013  Gut Response - In Touch with True Emotions by Madisyn Taylor
9/3/2013  Why Living a Life of Gratitude Can Make You Happy
9/3/2013  Reversed Perceptions - Being Projected Upon by Madisyn Taylor
9/2/2013  "When you live on a round planet there is no choosing sides." ..
9/2/2013  The Two Choices We Face by Jim Rohn
9/1/2013  Four Words That Make Life Worthwhile by Jim Rohn
9/1/2013  Evaluating Your Associations by Jim Rohn
8/31/2013  Where do You Go For Your Intellectual Feast? by Jim Rohn
8/31/2013  In the Open Air - Spending Time in Nature by Madisyn Taylor
8/30/2013  Staying Afloat amidst the Spin - Taking Things Personally by Ma
8/30/2013  How Anger Enhances Abundance...WHAT?? by Margaret M. Lynch
8/29/2013  Facing the Enemies Within by Jim Rohn
8/29/2013  Light of the Party - Confidence in Social Situations by Madisyn
8/28/2013  An Invitation to Comfort - Creating a Serene Home by Madisyn Tay
8/28/2013  Personal Achievement and Time Management by Brian Tracy
8/27/2013  Get Even By Darren Hardy
8/27/2013  Peeling Away the Layers - Trees Shedding Their Bark by Madisyn T
8/26/2013  What forwards and what constrains By Angie Mattingly, Landmark F
8/26/2013  Yes, Success is Everything by Jim Rohn
8/25/2013  The art of inventing ourselves By Balvinder Sodhi, Landmark Foru
8/25/2013  The word that allows for “yes” By Joe DiMaggio, MD, Landmark For
8/24/2013  How to Quiet the Mind by Gina Lake
8/24/2013  Business not as usual By Gitanjali Koppikar, Landmark Forum lead
8/23/2013  Going Away to Go Within Retreat by Madisyn Taylor
8/23/2013  Pausing to Drink - Beauty Day by Madisyn Taylor
8/22/2013  Facing the Enemies Within by Jim Rohn
8/21/2013  Plunging into the Deep Life Can Be Scary by Madisyn Taylor
8/21/2013  Not On our Watch
8/20/2013  Beat the 7-Minute Attention Span with These Tips - Written by All
8/20/2013  Begin with Yourself - The Journey of Finding a Relationship by M
8/19/2013  Nature Will Sooth and Heal
8/19/2013  Savoring Ceremony - Tea Rituals by Madisyn Taylor
8/18/2013  Hugh Jackman – Laughing Man Worldwide
8/18/2013  The Mental Game of Golf (and Business)
8/17/2013  Meeting Zig Ziglar by Michael Levin
8/17/2013   ALL Selling is Social by Darren Hardy
8/16/2013  End Self-Sabotage with Meridian Tapping (EFT) by Ellen Richter
8/16/2013  Burning Brightly - Allowing Your Soul to Shine by Madisyn Taylor
8/15/2013  Enjoying the Ride - The Flow of the Universe by Madisyn Taylor
8/15/2013  Spoiling Our Children - Too Many Things by Madisyn Taylor
8/14/2013  Nelson Mandela Quotes
8/14/2013  Letting Your Voice Be Heard - Writing Your Story by Madisyn Tayl
8/13/2013  John C. Maxwell Quotes
8/13/2013  Testimonies of Impact Jim Rohn Has Had
8/12/2013  Directing Your Destiny: How to Become the Writer, Producer, and D
8/12/2013  Evolution of the Soul - Life Lessons through Reincarnation by Ma
8/11/2013  Inspirational and Motivational Quotes by Anthony Robbins
8/11/2013  Quotes by Les Brow
8/10/2013  The Stress Reducing Benefits Of Crying
8/10/2013  It's All in Your Dreams: How to Interpret Your Sleeping Dreams to
8/9/2013  Jim Rohn's Quotes
8/9/2013  Sharing Your Genius - Your Special Gift by Madisyn Taylor
8/8/2013  Composing Bliss - Poetry as Meditation by Madisyn Taylor
8/8/2013  John Maxwell Quotes
8/7/2013  Les Brown's Quotes
8/7/2013  Forward Momentum - The Train as Metaphor by Madisyn Taylor
8/6/2013  Avoiding Negative Vibrations - Taking on the Energy of Others by
8/6/2013  Fresh and Unfixed - There is Only Now by Madisyn Taylor
8/5/2013  Learn to See the Sacred All Around You by Teri Uktena
8/5/2013  Top 10 Habits of Highly Creative People by Vivien McKnight
8/4/2013  How to Create a More Loving Relationship by Gina Lake
8/4/2013  How to Flourish During Challenging Times by Frank Ra
8/3/2013  The Light at the End of the Tunnel - Nothing is Insurmountable
8/3/2013  Overcoming Fear by Debbie Ford
8/2/2013  Rejuvenate for a Younger You! by Cary Ellis
8/2/2013  Enjoying a Snail’s Pace - Doing Things Slowly by Madisyn Taylor
8/1/2013  Exploring the Soul - Living a Spiritual Life by Madisyn Taylor
8/1/2013  Hidden Treasure - Finding Another Vantage Point by Madisyn Tayl
7/31/2013  Moving Forward: Six Steps to Forgiving Yourself and Breaking Free
7/31/2013  Let Go of Emotional Eating with Ease by Marliese Franklin and Pat
7/30/2013  Transforming Thoughts and Emotions by Aria Taylor
7/30/2013  Personal Tales - Writing Your Story by Madisyn Taylor
7/29/2013  Attract All with Hindu Mantras by Seema Singh
7/29/2013  Hold Your Own During Control Dramas by Dr. Jody Janati
7/28/2013  Steps to Lifelong Creativity by Gerald Klickstein
7/28/2013  365 Ways to Awaken Your Mystic Heart by Sara Wiseman
7/27/2013  Awaken Your Relationship Magic by Toni De Marco
7/27/2013  Transform Your Life with Reiki by Rosalyn Light
7/26/2013  Create Your Future from the Now by John Eitel
7/26/2013  Half-Full Consciousness - Starting from Empty by Madisyn Taylor
7/25/2013  Transforming Thoughts and Emotions by Aria Taylor
7/25/2013  Wave Motion - Hado by Madisyn Taylor
7/24/2013  Cleansing Your Power Center - Trusting Your Gut by Madisyn Taylo
7/24/2013  Les Brown's Quotes
7/23/2013  Saving Money
7/23/2013  Guided Meditation - Accessing the World Within by Madisyn Taylor
7/22/2013  Just Being There Acting as a Guardian by Madisyn Taylor
7/22/2013  Learning To Receive
7/21/2013  Overcome Your Stress Naturally by Michele Hauer
7/21/2013  Heal Yourself With Ayurveda by Lissa Coffey
7/20/2013  Hold Your Own During Control Dramas by Dr. Jody Janati
7/20/2013  Nutritional Wellness
7/19/2013  Go for It - Making It Happen by Madisyn Taylor
7/19/2013  Grounding Ourselves - Being a Strong Container by Madisyn Taylor
7/18/2013  Becoming Whole Again - The Process of Grieving by MadisynTaylor
7/18/2013  Recognizing Our Own Greatness - The Greatness in Others by Madis
7/17/2013  Taking the Fear Out of Investing Written by: Kim Kiyosaki
7/17/2013  Why You Must be a “C” Student Written by: Robert Kiyosaki
7/16/2013  Heal Your Grief By Writing by Kathy Curtis
7/16/2013  Elegant Blessings - Living a Life of Grace by Madisyn Taylor
7/15/2013  Introduce Your Child to Spirituality by Bay Hills
7/15/2013  How to Quiet the Mind by Gina Lake
7/14/2013  Take the Journey to Authenticity by Steve Aronson
7/13/2013  The Reciprocal Flow of Abundance - Giving without Expectations b
7/13/2013  Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra
7/12/2013  Landmark Insights: Überfail, massivefail, epicfail — who's to say
7/12/2013  There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For
7/11/2013  Julia Glass Quotes
7/11/2013  Healing Your Dog through Massage by Nick J. Scott
7/10/2013  How to Teach Yoga to Kids by Sarah Herrington
7/10/2013  Finding Encouragement - Your True Inner Voice by Madisyn Taylor
7/9/2013  Cause for Celebration - Honoring Everyday Life by MadisynTaylor
7/9/2013  Be the Eye of the Storm by Darren Hardy
7/8/2013  Do Unto Others - The Golden Rule by Madisyn Taylor
7/8/2013  The Road to Enlightenment
7/7/2013  Contact Your Angels for Empowerment by Dawn Lianna M.A.
7/6/2013  Peace and Compassion by James Twyman
7/6/2013  Enhance Meditation with Mandalas by Kim Dove
7/5/2013  Grumps Shining Through the Clouds by Madisyn Taylor
7/5/2013  How Happy Are You – Really?
7/4/2013  Taking Action on Your Goals
7/4/2013  The Greater Cause - Some Good Reasons for Doing Good by Madisyn
7/3/2013  Know Your True Calling
7/3/2013  Offerings of the Day - Finding Gifts in All by Madisyn Taylor
7/2/2013  Reinventing The Body - Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra
7/2/2013  New Beginnings
7/1/2013  Creating a Garden Sanctuary
7/1/2013  John Maxwell Quotes
6/30/2013  Quotes by Les Brown
6/30/2013  Spiritual Attributes that We all Possess
6/29/2013  Creating Feel Good Spaces for Women
6/29/2013  The Importance of Sleep by Madisyn Taylor
6/28/2013  Self-Acceptance by Brian Tracy
6/28/2013  People Who Don’t Get It - Living with It, by Madisyn Taylor
6/27/2013  Motivational Quotes from LesBrown
6/27/2013  Stimulating risk is inseparable from living By Jeff Willmore, Lan
6/26/2013  Get Out of Your Own Way
6/26/2013  Connect to Your Inner Essence
6/25/2013  Reiki What It Can Do For You
6/25/2013  Recognizing Our Own Abundance - Planting the Seeds of Generosity
6/24/2013  New Possibilities
6/24/2013  Acknowledging Your Growth by Madisyn Taylor
6/23/2013  Explore, Dream, Discover
6/23/2013  Speak with Confidence by Vivien McKnight
6/22/2013  Clearing Our System - Food Allergies by Madisyn Taylor
6/22/2013  Creative Anxiety
6/21/2013  The Summer Solstice
6/21/2013  True Connections
6/20/2013  Our Authenticity
6/20/2013  The Jim Rohn 12 Pillars of Success
6/19/2013  The Power of Faith
6/19/2013  Do You Remember Your Childhood?
6/18/2013  Your Emotional Well Being
6/18/2013  How to Relax the Mind
6/17/2013  "A mind is like aparachute. It doesn't work if it's not open."...
6/17/2013  Facing the Enemies Within by JimRohn
6/16/2013  We Are Far Greater Than We Remember Ourselves to Be
6/16/2013  Being Joyful
6/15/2013  “Not Good Enough”
6/14/2013  The Support that Fathers Provide
6/14/2013  Pattern Coming Full Circle
6/13/2013  Connecting with Mother Earth
6/13/2013  Relationships and Inner Peace
6/12/2013  Home Sweet Home
6/12/2013  How to Handle Resilience in our Lives
6/11/2013  Good Friends
6/11/2013  Different Personalities Within Ourselves
6/10/2013  Where do You Go For Your Intellectual Feast? by JimRohn
6/10/2013   Here and Now
6/9/2013  Emotional Eating
6/9/2013  Wholeness Is What We Need to Return To
6/8/2013  Work that Works for You
6/8/2013  Directing Our Energy in the Right Places
6/7/2013  Being Fully Present With All That We Are
6/7/2013  Power in Perspective
6/6/2013  What Makes Great Leadership
6/6/2013  Admit When You Are Wrong
6/5/2013  Enjoying Life
6/5/2013  Growing Your Wealth
6/4/2013  How People Can Build Wealth and Become Financially Independent
6/4/2013  Tolerating Circumstances
6/3/2013  Our Attention
6/3/2013  Life is Worthwhile If We Learn
6/2/2013  A Younger You!
6/1/2013  Our Spiritual Journey
6/1/2013  In the Presence of Others Are you Really Yourself?
5/31/2013  Going with the Flow - Working with a Larger Energy by Madisyn Ta
5/31/2013  You Are Here on This Earth for A Reason
5/30/2013  Fill Yourself from the Inside Out - Tending Your Own Energy Fiel
5/30/2013  Stay on Track for Productivity By Darren Hardy
5/29/2013  Opening the Door - Fighting Against Our Gifts by Madisyn Taylor
5/29/2013  How to Awaken Your Spirit by Suzanne Giesemann
5/28/2013  Adding Variety to Your Life
5/28/2013  You Should be Dancing
5/27/2013  Design for Life - Applying Feng Shui in Your Living Room by Madi
5/27/2013  Evaluating Your Associations by Jim Rohn
5/26/2013  Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life From the Inside Out by Cheryl
5/26/2013  Les Brown’s Quotes
5/25/2013  John Maxwell Quotes
5/25/2013  Overwhelming Feelings
5/24/2013  Jim Rohn's Quotes
5/24/2013  Feeling Fed Up with Humanity In the World and in Ourselves by Ma
5/23/2013  Peace of Mind is the Key
5/23/2013  Starting Your Day Off Right
5/22/2013  Overcoming “Not Good Enough” by Pam Thomas, M.S., PMC, PCC
5/22/2013  Beat the 7-Minute Attention Span with These Tips by Allyson Lewis
5/21/2013  All Selling is Social by Darren Hardy
5/21/2013  Intelligence Speaks for Itself - The Fear of Appearing Dumb by Ma
5/20/2013  What Is Knowledge?
5/20/2013  The Miracle of Personal Development by Jim Rohn
5/19/2013  The Tortoise and Hare by Darren Hardy
5/19/2013  Les Brown Quotes
5/18/2013  Zig Ziglar: 10 Quotes That Can Change Your Life
5/18/2013  Exercising Flexibility Mind Stretching by Madisyn Taylor
5/17/2013  The School of Hard Knocks by Dr. Satyanarayan
5/17/2013  See the Good In People
5/16/2013  Start Moving Beyond Fear
5/16/2013  Self-Knowledge, the Key to Preparing for Competition by Denis Wai
5/15/2013  Get Back To What You Love
5/15/2013  Secrets of High-Achieving Entrepreneurs by Tory Johnson
5/14/2013  Learning to Forgive is the Greatest Gift you Can Give to Yourself
5/14/2013  People from Your Past
5/13/2013  Three Keys to Greatness by Jim Rohn
5/12/2013  Be Responsible For Your Own Financial Security by Denis Waitley
5/12/2013  Mother's Day
5/11/2013  Creative acts—the edge of freedom by Laurel Scheaf, Landmark For
5/11/2013  Healing What Hurts - Freeing Up Energy by Madisyn Taylor
5/10/2013  Creating Connections while Apart
5/9/2013  Dedicate Yourself to Your Best Talents
5/9/2013  Failure - Choose Your Words by Madisyn Taylor
5/8/2013  Finding Joy in Life’s Surprises - Releasing Your Expectations b
5/7/2013  Creative acts—the edge of freedom by Laurel Scheaf, Landmark For
5/7/2013  Finding Meaning
5/7/2013  Bring Back the Thrill
5/6/2013  Change Begins with Choice by Jim Rohn
5/6/2013  What Does My Birthday Say About Me?
5/5/2013  Meditation
5/5/2013  Learn to See the Sacred All Around You by Teri Uktena
5/4/2013  Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
5/4/2013  Self-Examination at Depth by Madisyn Taylor
5/3/2013  The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth by
5/3/2013  Each Stage of Life
5/2/2013  Self-Acceptance
5/2/2013  Is thankfulness a survival skill by Jim Rohn
5/1/2013  Evening’s Reflection
4/30/2013  The Top Six Ways to Get Motivated Written by Chris Widener
4/30/2013  Protecting Your Flow by Madisyn Taylor
4/30/2013  Unconditional Love
4/29/2013  Leadership Wired By John Maxwell
4/29/2013  Creating Opportunity by Jim Rohn
4/28/2013  Experiencing Excitement In My Life
4/28/2013  Healthy as a Horse by Darren Hardy
4/27/2013  Money Patterns
4/27/2013  Technology Is Not The Answer
4/26/2013  Universal Feelings - Everything is Relative by Madisyn Taylor
4/26/2013  Your True Calling
4/25/2013  Shifting our Energy
4/25/2013  Knowing to Let Go
4/24/2013  Self-Acceptance
4/24/2013  Parents - The Changing Nest
4/23/2013  Jim Rohn’s Secrets to Goal Setting Mastery
4/23/2013  Together on Earth (Seeing the Bigger Picture) by Madisyn Taylor
4/22/2013  I shall look at the world through tears
4/22/2013  The Subtlety of Language by Jim Rohn
4/21/2013  The Ego Serving The Higher Self by Madisyn Taylor
4/21/2013  Nurture Your Network
4/20/2013  Loveability: Knowing How to Love and Be Loved by Robert Holden
4/20/2013  Happiness Aligned with Essence
4/19/2013  Our Elderly – An important Part of Our Culture
4/19/2013  Where Will Our Awareness Take Us?
4/18/2013  Himalayan Wisdom for a Life Beyond Fear by Anand Mehrotra
4/18/2013  Raising Our Consciousness by Madisyn Taylor
4/17/2013  Reconnect to our true selves
4/17/2013  Self-Knowledge, the Key to Preparing for Competition by Denis Wai
4/16/2013  Being Here Now by Ram Dass
4/16/2013  Can you feel all the energy we are creating?
4/15/2013  What Is Our Ego?
4/15/2013  Why Weigh, Count and Measure? by Jim Rohn
4/14/2013  You Deserve To Be Happy By Brian Tracy
4/14/2013  Why Personal Development is Important? (Words from Jim Rohn)
4/13/2013  Getting Unstuck by Pema Chodron
4/13/2013  Write your Own Script
4/12/2013  Being Attacked Emotionally
4/12/2013  Open Your Eyes
4/11/2013  Decide What You Want
4/11/2013  The Power of Gratitude by Max Miller
4/10/2013  Our Relationship To Food
4/10/2013  The Energy Redirection Technique by Max Miller
4/9/2013  Smoothing Transitions 10 Steps to Making Change Easier by Madisy
4/9/2013  Would life not be better if you stopped struggling?
4/8/2013  Facing Challenges
4/8/2013  How to Turn Nothing into Something by Jim Rohn
4/7/2013  The Power That Lies Within You. Tell me Who are you Really? By Ma
4/7/2013  The Inspiration for the film – The Secret by Max Miller
4/6/2013  Happiness!
4/6/2013  Find the Healing Message in Dis-ease by Steffany Barton, RN
4/5/2013  Our Life’s Journey
4/5/2013  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn Asking/Belief/Resolve
4/4/2013  Spiritual Beings
4/4/2013  Trying to Fit In
4/3/2013  The Four Emotions That Can Lead to Life Change by Jim Rohn
4/3/2013  Nature's Teachings
4/2/2013  8 ‘Negatives’ You Can Learn from Bobby Knight by Jessica Krampe
4/2/2013  Forgiveness
4/1/2013  Helping Others
4/1/2013  What forwards and what constrains By Angie Mattingly, Landmark Fo
3/31/2013  The Power of Context and the Courage to Create By Joe DiMaggio, M
3/31/2013  The Art of Inventing Ourselves By Balvinder Sodhi, Landmark Forum
3/30/2013  The Truth About Money
3/30/2013  Hungry: The Truth About Being Full by Dr. Robin L. Smith
3/29/2013  Alive in Joy by Madisyn Taylor
3/29/2013  There is no Success Without Sacrifice
3/28/2013  Happiness is Yours for the Taking by Chris Widener
3/28/2013  Simple gestures pack a lot of punch By Robbie Miller Kaplan
3/27/2013  Five Secrets of Great Innovation
3/27/2013   Take Baby Steps
3/26/2013  Honor the Experience of Closure
3/25/2013  Love Sweet Love
3/25/2013  Keeping a Journal by Jim Rohn
3/24/2013  Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn
3/24/2013  Experience Miracles in Our Life
3/23/2013  Dealing with People You Dislike
3/23/2013  What is Vastu?
3/22/2013  Les Brown: Hard Times Go to Your Heart and Into Your Soul
3/22/2013  Disappointment Is Opportunity in Disguise by Harvey Mackay
3/21/2013  Don’t Break the Chain by Darren Hardy
3/21/2013  Do You Feel as Though You Are Disconnected From The Universe?
3/20/2013  Come Out and Play
3/20/2013  Decorating Your Space
3/19/2013  Clean Up Your Mess!
3/19/2013  Looking After Your Health
3/18/2013  Your Dream and the Only Opinion that Counts by Cynthia Kersey
3/18/2013  Success is Easy, But So is Neglect by Jim Rohn
3/17/2013  BE YOURSELF
3/17/2013  Brian Tracy's Success Newsletter
3/16/2013   Creative People
3/16/2013  Creating Your Life
3/15/2013  Despair - Seeds of Light Can Be Found
3/14/2013  Worthiness
3/14/2013  Adversities In Life – How Do We Overcome Them?
3/13/2013  The World's New Pope by Lorna Dueck - March 13, 2013
3/13/2013  Listen to Your Body
3/12/2013  Create Unlimited Success
3/12/2013  Release Your Emotions
3/11/2013  Share Your Riches
3/11/2013  The Time to React by Jim Rohn
3/10/2013  Law of Equivalent Exchange
3/10/2013  Do you Know Greg Reid?
3/9/2013  Going Slow to Go Fast When Clearing Clutter
3/9/2013  Trusting the Power of the Universe
3/8/2013  The Greater the Conflict, the Greater the Story by Greg Provenzan
3/8/2013  Do We Really Need to Understand Everything?
3/7/2013  Respecting One Another
3/7/2013  Persistence by Les Brown
3/6/2013  The Power of Conscious Manifestation By David Neagle
3/6/2013  Diary Kept for a Specific Purpose
3/5/2013  The Universe Does Care
3/5/2013  Accepting Our Own Choices
3/4/2013  The Great Leadership Challenge by Jim Rohn
3/4/2013  What is Leadership?
3/3/2013  Natural Remedies
3/3/2013  The Power of the Mind
3/2/2013  The Power of Believing
3/2/2013  Creating Our Lives
3/1/2013  What is Fear
2/28/2013  Mini Vacations
2/28/2013  Leadership by Steve Zaffron, CEO Vanto Group
2/27/2013  Learn to Live in the Moment
2/26/2013  Dreamer vs. Doer—The Great Separator by Darren Hardy
2/26/2013  What Does Rhythm Do for Us?
2/25/2013  Your Beauty
2/25/2013  Learn to be Thankful for What You Already Have by Jim Rohn
2/24/2013  Compassion
2/24/2013  Showing Gratitude
2/23/2013  The Law of Karma
2/23/2013  What is a Mantra?
2/22/2013  Our Bodies Need Movement
2/22/2013  Daily Rituals
2/21/2013  Leadership
2/21/2013  How to Learn from the Big Picture
2/20/2013  The Power of Your Beliefs by Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed.
2/20/2013  Successful Family Business
2/19/2013  Closure Will Set You Free
2/19/2013  Unpredictability
2/18/2013  Young, Mature and Old Souls
2/18/2013  Let It Be You by Jim Rohn
2/17/2013  Your Path to Freedom - It's All About You
2/17/2013  Quotes from Jim Rohn
2/16/2013  Quotes from John Maxwell
2/16/2013  Through Meditation Our Mind Expands
2/15/2013  Do You Want to Experience Excitement?
2/15/2013  Time Out - It Can Really Help
2/14/2013  Happy Valentine’s Day!
2/14/2013   True Path
2/13/2013  Unwiring the Hardwiring—being fully ourselves By Nancy Zapolski,
2/13/2013  Let Go of the Necessity to Be Right all the Time
2/12/2013   Napoleon Hill Quotes
2/12/2013  Compromise
2/11/2013  Giving Excuses
2/11/2013  When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power
2/10/2013  Learn From Success and Failure
2/10/2013  Overcoming the Negative - Quotes from the Masters
2/9/2013  Falling in Love with Yourself
2/9/2013  Attract What you Want In Life
2/8/2013  Letting the Curves Take You
2/8/2013  Unseen Power
2/7/2013  Liberate Your Emotional Self
2/7/2013  The Power of Ambition
2/6/2013  Contracting before Expanding
2/6/2013  Intertwined Fates - We Are All Connected
2/5/2013  Find the God of Your Own Understanding
2/5/2013  The Strength of Compassion
2/4/2013  Wherever You Are, Be There by Jim Rohn
2/4/2013   "Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."
2/3/2013  The Science of Energy and Thought - Subconscious Mind Power
2/3/2013  Reclaim the Innocence of Childhood
2/2/2013  Stop Being a Victim, Become a Creator
2/2/2013  Accepting Compliments
2/1/2013  Being Here Now
2/1/2013  Tearing Down to Rebuild
1/31/2013  Liberate Your Emotional Self
1/31/2013  Winning Isn’t Everything
1/30/2013  Review & Gratitude
1/30/2013  In The Presence of Difficulty - Compassion
1/29/2013  Earth Chakras
1/29/2013  We are Nature
1/28/2013   "Close both see with the other one." ...Rumi
1/28/2013  Attitude Is Everything by Jim Rohn
1/27/2013  Mind over Matter: Secrets of Human Aura
1/27/2013  Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditatio
1/26/2013  Positive Thoughts, Affirmations Shown to Boost Overall Health in
1/26/2013  Small Gestures Make a Big Difference
1/25/2013  Embraceable You
1/25/2013  Smile! It will Change Your Day.
1/24/2013  The Science of Healing (You can Heal any Disease)
1/24/2013  The Journey of Commitment
1/23/2013  Being Here Now
1/23/2013  The Boundaries of Experience
1/22/2013  Meditation & The Science of Brainwaves Technology
1/22/2013  No Need to Wait
1/21/2013  Do your little bit of good where you are
1/21/2013  Thinking Like a Farmer by Jim Rohn
1/20/2013   The Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction
1/20/2013  The POWER of The Human HEART!
1/19/2013  Overcoming Fear
1/19/2013  Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting the Soul
1/18/2013  Sharing Space and Energy
1/18/2013  Loving the Light
1/17/2013  Belly Dance for Empowerment!
1/17/2013  Opening a Closed Connection
1/16/2013  How to Get More Done in Less Time: Perspective
1/16/2013  Allowing Spirit In
1/15/2013  What We Are Made Of
1/15/2013  Ending Procrastination by Jim Rohn
1/14/2013  Circling the Wagons
1/13/2013  Dropping the Idea of You
1/13/2013  Whole-Self Well-Being
1/11/2013  Claiming Your Emotional Well-Being
1/11/2013  Garden in the Buddhist Way
1/10/2013  Ring In The New Year
1/10/2013  Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward
1/9/2013  Tending the Emotions
1/9/2013  The Miracle of Change
1/8/2013  The Magic of Dreams by Darren Hardy
1/8/2013  Establishing Dreams and Goals by Jim Rohn
1/7/2013  Releasing the Reigns
1/7/2013  Noise is a Cruel Ruler
1/6/2013  Trusting Yourself by Akshay Kapur
1/6/2013  Jim Rohn Quotes
1/5/2013  Powerful Intuition
1/5/2013  The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford
1/4/2013  Bringing Out the Best
1/4/2013  Allow Children To Be Who They Want to Be
1/3/2013  How Goal Setting Actually Works by Darren Hardy
1/2/2013  Inner Sunrise - Brand New Day
1/2/2013  Divine Resonance Chanting
1/1/2013  The Skinny Thinking Thought Diet
1/1/2013  Letting Yourself Be Seen
12/31/2012  Don't Lose this Sense of Possibility
12/31/2012  No Matter How Busy You Are… by Jim Rohn
12/30/2012  Divine Nourishment through Seasonal Cooking
12/30/2012  COOPERATION
12/29/2012  The Ant Philosophy by Jim Rohn
12/29/2012  Useful Transformation
12/28/2012  The 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout
12/28/2012  Clarity of Soul
12/27/2012   Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward
12/26/2012  Touching the Light: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Merging wit
12/26/2012  Centering Ourselves
12/25/2012  The Joy of Being
12/25/2012  Beyond Counting Blessings
12/24/2012  There will be a time when you believe everything is finished
12/24/2012  Profits Are Better Than Wages by Jim Rohn
12/23/2012  How to Create a More Loving Relationship
12/22/2012   Animal Spirit Guides
12/22/2012   Make Money with Your Creative Passion
12/21/2012  Pushing Buttons
12/21/2012  Listening with Your Heart
12/20/2012  Making YOUR Wish Come True
12/20/2012  Govern Your Life
12/19/2012  Empathy in Action
12/18/2012  The Great Leadership Challenge by Jim Rohn
12/18/2012  Stronger for It
12/17/2012  Strengthen the Muscles of Your Heart
12/17/2012  Sharing Your Gifts
12/16/2012  Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chödrön
12/16/2012  People in Need
12/15/2012  Letting Go With Forgiveness
12/14/2012  A Little Less Noise, Please!
12/14/2012  Bowing - A sign of Respect
12/13/2012  Blessing Our Bodies
12/12/2012   Dropping the Idea of You
12/12/2012  Meditating near a mountain
12/11/2012  Expressions of the Heart
12/11/2012  Cutting Down Holiday Stress
12/10/2012  Where Do You Go for Your Intellectual Feast? by Jim Rohn
12/10/2012  The Possibilities
12/9/2012  Everyday Energy Boosters
12/9/2012  Listening and Responding Body Language
12/8/2012  Animal Spirit Guides
12/8/2012  IMAGINATION
12/7/2012  The Fear and Anxiety Solution
12/7/2012  A Clear Current
12/6/2012   ENTHUSIASM
12/6/2012  Blue Skies
12/5/2012  Suze Orman: The Right Order Is People, Money, Things
12/5/2012  Bio-Cultural Choice
12/4/2012  Negative Thoughts
12/4/2012   Napoleon Hill's Quotes
12/3/2012  Believing that Strange New Things Can be Done
12/3/2012  Thriving Through the Holidays by Jim Rohn
12/2/2012  Getting Started with Meditation
12/2/2012  Learning To Meditate
12/1/2012   Falling in Love with Yourself
12/1/2012  Embracing the Four Elements of Change
11/30/2012  Blaming Others
11/30/2012  Silliness is Permitted
11/29/2012  Being All of Who You Are
11/29/2012  The Understanding Underneath Experiences with Multiple Meanings
11/28/2012  Being Here Now
11/28/2012  One of a Kind
11/27/2012  Lifting Pain's Veil
11/26/2012  The ultimate secret to gaining everything you want
11/26/2012  How to Garden with Intention
11/25/2012   Living Your Most Authentic Life
11/24/2012  Bird Meditation
11/24/2012  Combating Emotional Vampires
11/23/2012   How to Parent with Spirituality
11/23/2012  Fully Committed to Now
11/22/2012  Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic
11/22/2012  Growing Day by Day
11/21/2012  Progressing with Patience
11/21/2012  Sound character is our greatest asset
11/20/2012  Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior
11/20/2012  Giving - Law of Nature
11/19/2012  The Dance of Intimacy
11/19/2012  A Thankful Thanksgiving by Jim Rohn
11/18/2012  Getting Unstuck
11/18/2012   Living Your Most Authentic Life
11/17/2012   Embracing Intelligent Self-Care
11/17/2012  Overcoming Creative Anxiety
11/16/2012  School Struggles
11/16/2012  Summon Your Aliveness
11/15/2012  Echoes of Happiness
11/15/2012  Embracing New Information
11/14/2012   Embracing Intelligent Self-Care
11/14/2012  Voicing Faith in Another
11/13/2012  Clinging Behavior Causes Most People to Distance Themselves
11/13/2012  Develop the Three Traits of a Leader
11/12/2012  "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a f
11/12/2012  Who Is Really In Charge? by Jim Rohn
11/11/2012  How to Quiet the Mind
11/11/2012  Being Alone
11/10/2012  Be Free from Unhealthy Relationships
11/10/2012  Impulsivity
11/9/2012  What is your Purpose In Life!
11/9/2012  The Golden Gate Bridge
11/8/2012  Become a Clairvoyant Reader
11/8/2012   Living Your Most Authentic Life
11/7/2012  Actions Speak Louder than Words
11/7/2012  Consulting Heart and Mind
11/6/2012  Clear Your Home, Clear Your Life
11/6/2012  Seeing Ourselves
11/5/2012  When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain
11/5/2012  Basics of Healthy Relationships by Jim Rohn
11/4/2012  Personal Excellence
11/3/2012  Rejuvenate in daily mini-hibernations
11/3/2012  How to Quiet the Mind
11/2/2012  Sacred Light
11/2/2012  Life is rich with mystery
11/1/2012  The Deepest Acceptance
11/1/2012  Anxiety about Change
10/31/2012  The Champion Within
10/31/2012  Changes in Our Lives
10/30/2012  Good Communication
10/30/2012  Life's Balance
10/29/2012  Experience
10/29/2012  The Qualities of Skillful Leadership by Jim Rohn
10/28/2012  Creating the Habits We Desire
10/28/2012  Negative Patterns
10/27/2012  Forgiveness
10/27/2012  Hard Learned Lessons
10/26/2012  Excuses - They Do Not Work
10/26/2012  Big Steps On Life's Path
10/25/2012  Avoiding the Center
10/25/2012  Behaviors That Increase Self-Esteem
10/24/2012  Creating a World That Works for All
10/24/2012  Asking for What You Want
10/23/2012  The Key To Success
10/23/2012  Achievements
10/22/2012  Keys to Finding Your Genius - by Jim Rohn
10/22/2012  Laughter is the Sound of the Soul Dancing
10/21/2012  Cultivate a Strong Writing Practice
10/21/2012  Attracting Genuine Abundance - Law of Attraction
10/20/2012  Beyond Survival: Guide to a Creative Life
10/20/2012  Argument - Stepping Back from Anger
10/19/2012  Thought and Character
10/19/2012  Finding & Living Our Wisdom When Life's Busy
10/18/2012  Complementary Energies - Balancing Self with Family Life
10/18/2012  Apologies - Empowered Forgiveness
10/17/2012  Seeds of Success
10/17/2012  Parts of the One - Ants and Bees, a Metaphor
10/16/2012  Living Like Water
10/16/2012  Finding Answers Within - You Have All the Answers Within You
10/15/2012  People Who Don't Get It - Compassion for All
10/15/2012  Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers
10/14/2012  Let Yourself Be Carried - The Flow of the Universe
10/14/2012  Combating Emotional Vampires
10/13/2012  More Quotes from Napoleon Hill
10/13/2012  The Start of Change - Breaking Family Cycles
10/12/2012  The Upside of Irritation - Things that Annoy Us
10/12/2012  Animals in Nature - Messengers of Direction
10/11/2012  Best Friends - A Warm Refuge
10/11/2012  Getting Rejections
10/10/2012  One Day At A Time
10/10/2012  Your Journey
10/9/2012  No Leader Rides Alone
10/9/2012  Laughing Meditation
10/8/2012   "Success is something you attract by the person you become"
10/8/2012   "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
10/7/2012  Jim Rohn Quotes
10/7/2012   Napoleon Hill Quotes
10/6/2012   Make Money with Your Creative Passion
10/6/2012  Habitual Anger
10/5/2012  Top 10 Quotes
10/5/2012  How to Become a Top Salesperson by Moving Out of Your Comfort Zon
10/4/2012  Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior
10/4/2012  How This Moment Can Change the Rest of Your Life
10/3/2012   Seven Steps to Success
10/3/2012   Becoming a leader before you are a “leader”
10/2/2012  Miracles Happen
10/2/2012   Massage Your Animal's Pain Away
10/1/2012  Observing Evolution - Allowing Others to Walk Their Paths
10/1/2012  You are where you are supposed to be
9/30/2012  About Leadership
9/30/2012  Famous Quotes
9/29/2012  Respect - How to Deal With It
9/29/2012  Aging Parents - The Cycle of Life
9/28/2012  Connectors Inspire People
9/28/2012  The Law of Pain: Good Management of Bad Experiences Leads to Grea
9/27/2012   Overcoming Fear
9/27/2012  Seasons of Beauty - Aging Gracefully
9/26/2012  Other People’s Agendas - Appreciating Suggestions
9/26/2012  Words of Wisdom Affirmations
9/25/2012  The Forgiveness Solution
9/25/2012  What is the Law of Attraction?
9/24/2012  Spreding Your Light - How You Affect Others Daily
9/24/2012   Being a Leader
9/23/2012  Unconditional Forgiveness
9/23/2012  Clear Your Home, Clear Your Life
9/22/2012  Opening the Channels of Communication - Dealing with Difficult P
9/22/2012  Cultivating Safety
9/21/2012  Be Inspired and Inspiring
9/21/2012   Be Unsatisfied
9/20/2012   Removing the Obstacles for Joy
9/20/2012  An Exercise in itself - Seeking Advice from Yourself
9/19/2012  Leaders Are Not Natural-Born
9/19/2012  The Consequences You Sow
9/18/2012  How to Be a Phenomenal Receiver
9/18/2012  A Dynamic Choice-Maker - Accepting Yourself
9/17/2012  Build Your Dream
9/17/2012  Accepting Your Family
9/16/2012   The Writing Warrior
9/16/2012   Learn the Five Actions to Healing
9/15/2012  Spiritual Imprints
9/14/2012   Compassion for All
9/14/2012  A Reason to Smile - Five Minutes to Happiness
9/13/2012  How to Live Your Dreams & Become an Unstoppable Warrior
9/13/2012  Your Allies on Life’s Journey
9/12/2012   Heal Your Money Karma
9/12/2012  Underneath the Noise - Hearing the Whisper
9/11/2012   Learn the Secrets of the Mystery Schools
9/11/2012   Your Intuitive Life Makeover
9/10/2012  A World in Confusion - Cultivating Inner Clarity
9/10/2012  All that is required for evil to triumph
9/9/2012  Heal Your Relationships with Sacred Intuition
9/9/2012  Clear Your Baggage, Lose Your Weight
9/8/2012   How to Create Happiness
9/8/2012  One Day at a Time
9/7/2012  Learning To Meditate
9/7/2012   Master Your Negative Emotions
9/6/2012   Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting the Soul
9/6/2012  Change Your Thinking to Knowing that your Life Matters and that y
9/5/2012   How to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos
9/5/2012  Common Fears - Choosing a New Response
9/4/2012   Say Goodbye to Anxiety
9/4/2012   Overcoming Fear
9/3/2012  Overcoming Self-Sabotage
9/3/2012  "Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by s
9/2/2012  Find Your Soul Purpose through the Akashics
9/2/2012   Attract All with Hindu Mantras
9/1/2012  The Secret Of Surrender
8/30/2012  Becoming a Celebrity
8/28/2012  Character Determines The Height of Your Personal Growth
8/27/2012  Attitude Will Give You Altitude!
8/26/2012  Bob Dylan's Philosophy
8/24/2012  Turning Negativity into Creativity
8/23/2012  Do You Want to Reach your Potential and Become the Person You Wer
8/18/2012  Gearing Up for Growth
8/13/2012  Want Better Memory?
8/6/2012  Climb Out of That Rut
8/3/2012  Becoming a Catalyst
8/1/2012  Success In Network Marketing
7/30/2012  How to Develop Resilience
7/26/2012  We All Need a Mentor in Our Lives
7/25/2012  The Power of Positive Thinking
7/20/2012  The Business of the 21st Century
7/18/2012  You Are The Creator of Your Own Destiny
7/14/2012  Thank You for Connecting With Me on IBO!