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10/28/2012  Yahweh's Heart in Marriage
10/21/2012  Your help needed.
7/21/2012  This is a good day to die
7/4/2012  Think Outside the Box
6/27/2012  Hissing hot water
6/24/2012  Hosanna
6/12/2012  Rumors and other nasty things:
6/12/2012  Free Tip for making your refrigerator last longer:
6/3/2012  What if I told you?
5/31/2012  Wine with your cheese?
5/29/2012  If nothing changes nothing changes.
5/20/2012  Cell Phone monthly charges due to go up:
5/18/2012  LifeMobile Cell phone service for free:
5/16/2012  What to do with Temptation?
5/11/2012  Untying the Gordian Knot of your life:
4/29/2012  David and Goliath
4/26/2012  Can government fix our problems?
4/23/2012  Chipotle Mayonnaise
4/22/2012  The Cougar Sally Two Toes
4/20/2012  Don’t ignore Off Line Marketing:
4/17/2012  Have you ICE’d your phone?
4/15/2012  Laura Kuhn Network and Marketing Leader
4/12/2012  Banks are hurting Unerwater Homeowners who are current
4/10/2012  Wisdom From the Creator's Plan
4/7/2012  Depression from a scriptural point of view:
4/5/2012  Chain Letter Evangelism
4/5/2012  Blow the Trumpet in Zion
4/4/2012  Wisdom From the Creators Plan
4/4/2012  Roll On Holy Rollers Roll On
4/3/2012  Stories of Faith
4/2/2012  Believe, Speak, and Act
4/2/2012  Hammer the dog:
4/1/2012  Life Lessons from the Bible and Motorcycling: