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For the Love of the Creator
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Come join me in a Meditational prayer on May 17, 2012 at 7pm.

Every detail of this meeting has been planned by my Heavenly Host team of angels. They kept me up all night, in an urgency for me to get the details of this message out to you in a timely manner.

The object of the online meeting is to create true and lasting change for the entire world by bringing in true Divine Love, Peace and Harmony to all the inhabitants of earth.

In order for this to be as successful as possible however, I need your help! As it is, when a prayer for one goal is sent up in unison by many, the results take effect much quicker. Meditation is simply another form of prayer. And Jesus said, where two or more or gathered in my name!!

The simple fact is the more of us there are sending out this energy at once, together, the quicker the results will be felt.

I am not setting this meeting up for my benefit, but for the benefit of humanity. As stated earlier, each detail of this meeting was planned precisely and Divinely.

Below, is an explanation of the details and the reasons for each:

The month of May-- carries the vibration of the number 5 as it is the 5th month of the year. Incidently, the year 2012 also carries the 5 vibration. What this means for our purposes---- The number 5 carries the vibration of change. With the 5 vibration, you are presented with a set of choices. Either choice will bring a change, but what change would you like to bring to the table for humanity?

The date of the 17th-- 17 reduces to 8. As such, carries the 8 vibration. I wasn't at all aware of why this particular date. I kept asking, Why this date? What is the significance of this particular date? Why can it not be on any other date?

I sat down to meditate on this. Here is the response I recieved:: 17 carries the 8 vibration. 8 is they ultimate symbol for infinity or eternity. Therefore, whatever change you work to create on this vibrational date will have infinite results carried out into eternity! We are to be jump starting the age of Love with this meditational meeting that will continue working throughout all eternity.

Additionally when I looked up the number in numerology later here is what I found--

Astrological Correspondence for the number 17/8-- Saturn (and Aquarius). 17 has the 7 of receptivity (the moon) and the 1 of concentration (Mars). Together they equal 8, the Saturn correspondence and the symbol of the kundalini force rising from the Saturn center at the base of the spine. These are necessary attributes for the subconscious mind to use in meditation.
The Aquarian influence brings the revelation, which 17/8 represents, and the universal consciousness, both of which are the ultimate goals of meditation!

How's that for on target!!!

The $6 registration fee comes from the number vibration of Love, Peace and Harmony. I originally wanted to offer this for free, however, we have the change vibration, we have the meditation and consciousness vibration, now we need to specify what energies we are bringing in to create this change through meditation. This is the reason for the very low 6 dollar charge. To add the purposeful energy needed. I assure you, after the fees from any meeting and paypal, I will not be profiting from this meeting!

Please share this post with everyone you can. The more people we have sending up this energy at once, the better and longer lasting the effects.

Thank you Archangel Michael- for allowing me to put this wonderful meeting together for all of humanity to benefit.
Thank you to all who share, and/or register for this event. Your participation is very much appreciated!

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C Michelle Gonzalez   1375 day(s) ago
Thank you all... you all are more than welcome to join me on the 17th!!!
Dave Kavanagh   1375 day(s) ago
This is a great article Ron.
Dave Kavanagh   1375 day(s) ago
This a great article Michelle.
Scott Rising   1375 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Michelle. Divine Love is the future.
Marnee Masales   1378 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Michelle.

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