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How and where to promote your products.
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No matter what business you are in, you will need to promote what you are either selling, a service you offer, investment opportunities, etc etc. Not only will you need to do that, but you will also need to figure out where and when to promote.

In this day and age, social networking has become mainstream. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, BlogSpot, are all sections of the internet to promote what you do...oh yeah....and most of all ... IBOTOOLBOX!. Knowing your way around the internet and even having some webdesign expertise can go a long way.

Not only is social networking a vital area to market in, but there are other things, skills per-say, that you need to get what you want accomplished. In fact, the most important trait to possess is that of common-sense and the ability to think critically and logically.

I can't even think of the number of people I see and talk to everyday who get into these businesses and marketing programs, and they don't know the products they sell, they dont understand the commission plans, they don't have a niche market to sell too...its one big cluster of disorganization...

When you get yourself into something, you need to make a strategy first. You need a plan of attack! This is what your upline is for! This is what the internet is for! People don't realize that they have all these FREE tools in front of them to help get them going, and they totally disregard them and go out on their own and make a fool of themselves.

I, myself; write everything down and graph and calculate the statistics before I put myself out there. I will never set myself up to fail for any reason. I have a plan A plan B and plan C. And in all honesty, it is not that hard to make a strategy that will :

A) Figure out what your target market will be
B) Figure out the cost of contributing and the total outcome (profit)
C) Figure out where and when the best time is to promote your business

I am a proud and organized member of AutoXTen and I will tell you this,
I have every intention of succeeding in this company as an IBO. I will work hard and work intelligent. I will recruit wisely and lead with wisdom to my downline and always respect my upline.

This is a brief overview of how you should be planning on succeeding!
Thank you for reading!

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