posted on: 7/5/2011 5:45:16 PM EST
AutoXTen : Let's Make History
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AutoXTen is launching tonight so the rumor has it. This is going to be the biggest launch in network marketing history. Not only have we had 65000 members join in prelaunch, but our ratings are well under 2000 now in US. We are in 154 different countries, and plan on changing the world $10 at a time.

When I tell people I can make their $10 turn into $10,000 over and over again, they look at me like I have ten heads. Then I tell them about AutoXTen. A new system in the MLM industry. They ask me questions about it and I answer precisely. But, my main focus is getting them to the website, and have then check out the site, the videos on the site, the compensation plan, and I also let them know about the conference call. Nine out of ten times they will call me back and want to join AutoXTen.

By this coming Friday, a lot of people are going to realize that AutoXTen isn't a joke, it isnt a pyramid scam, it's not a money game, it's not a myth. This is the real deal. You can make this system work from home, on the road, you can recruit like crazy. With the low entry value into the system, starting at $10, their isn't a high risk of failure.

I am perosnally refunding my team if they can't make their $10 back. Everyone who enters into AutoXTen should be able to profit. The products are strong, the payplan is solid, and the principals behind the company are trustworthy.

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