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AutoXTen: Don't Know What You Got, Till Its Gone
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AutoXTen is becoming a very well known marketing system in such a short period
of time. The people, the payplan, and the products, all make up a solid foundation and
a wealth of opportunity lays in the making for anyone joining this system. AutoXTen
not only offers the low price point to get you started, but also makes this an easy sell.
It shouldn't be difficult to get referrals to buy into AutoXTen. These are some easy to
follow steps I'd like everyone to read:

1) Talk to the potential referral.
2) Direct them to the website
3) When they're on the site let them know about:
A) The Sizzle Call
B) The Payplan Video
C) The conference calls

Nine out of ten times you will have a new member added to your AutoXTen business.
Keep going. Not everyone is going to join. Next Next Next,
This is the way you build a team in the MLM Profession.

The great thing about AutoXTen is, you can make this your home based business.
Work from home and make money.

This isn't a pyramid scam, this isn't a money game, this isn't a gifting system, this is a
legitimate business. And in 3 days time, if you have signed up and not paid your $10,
your account is going to be purged. So do yourself a favor, put down your $10, get out there
and tell the world about AutoXTen. Let everyone know, we are changing the world,
$10 at a time.

Thank You,
Michael Green
781 307 0104

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