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AutoXTen is here to stay. There, I said it. So many people are talking about how this is just an overnight fad and is going to go away in a month or so. That is far from true.

AutoXTen is going to be in the mainstream of network marketing for quite some time! Competition, step aside! We have so many key factors that other marketing companies just do not have and do not have the resources to make happen.

First off:

The pay in fee is a one time $10 payment. $10 investment that can make you thousands, come on! That is a no brainer right there! So many companies are charging way too much to get into their company!


No Autoship! You do not have to be on a monthly autoship program to be in AutoXTen

Third :

The payplan; The commission structure in AutoXTen is unlike any other commission structure we've ever seen. We have 50% matching bonuses two levels deep!

Fourth :
The products! The products we offer you when you join are structured in a way that they basically hold your hand in marketing, showing you how to use social networking skills, how to manage a business, how to drive clientele to your business etc etc.

Fifth but not final :

It is a team effort. We arent throwing you to the wolves . We work as a team, especially MY team. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. We arent charging you $130 monthly for a few bottles of juice and telling you to sign others up or to go sell the disgustingly tasting juice! We work with you and for you. Your success is our success and this is a team effort ,you do your job I do mine and we all succeed!

Get with me ASAP, we launch in 2 days! Join a professional and motivated marketing team, and make your AutoXTen experience, a SUCCESSFUL one!

Thank You
Michael Green
AutoXTen Team Leader
781 307 0104

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