posted on: 6/4/2012 6:58:35 PM EST
Time to Shine!
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We all have our time to shine. There is enough love and enough of a potential market to go around equally, so that we do not need to throw salt on other businesses and people to make our company seem more appealing.
It really frustrates me to see people bash other businesses due to their bad experience, lack of true understanding of the purpose or structure of the business, or maybe even out of a little envy. I personally dont find that appealing or noteworthy. Nor do I believe that makes you any more trustworthy as a business person yourself.
Understanding that there are plenty of "scams" out there, there are an equal amount of opportunities that can provide people with unorthodox ways to make money and gain customers. Just because it doesnt work for you, doesnt make it a scam or waste of time. And those things that are no honest or true to their nature, will quickly show up to be that based on your personal experience alone.
Now, believe me, im far from naive, but as a business woman, my motto is "time is money, and I dont waste any of it." Therefore, to spend my time downtalking this business or that business, I see to be a senseless waste of valuable time. If someone approaches me, and asks my personal experience. I will give a clear opinion based summary of my opinion and any relevant fact based information. However, its not my interest to sway, or persuade anyone to leave a business or join a business based on these personal testimonies.
Simply put, standing on the back of someone else, does not make you any taller. You need to be sure that you can stand out on your own with superb service, fabulous follow up, tantilizing marketing, and needed product.
If you approach me with all negative about company xyz, my immediate next question is going to be.. so what does that have to do with what YOU can do for ME.

Consider this the next time you want to approach people about a business opportunity or you want bad mouth another business. It makes you and your company no more attractive than you are at the moment before I heard of you.
Take your time to shine, and focus on how your prospect can benefit from aligning themselves with you, and taking an interest in your company. This should be your focus.

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Shayla Mouzon   1345 day(s) ago
Thank you honey, I appreciate the love, and its very true! I just think that people should focus on being ethical and fabulous themselves and this will stand out to potential clients and customers!!
Sandra Falagan   1345 day(s) ago
S. D., Absolutely the truth. You nailed it. I am sharing this on Face Book.
Sabrina Parker   1345 day(s) ago
thank you for this blog, you shouldn't have to put others down to look good, your work should make you look good.
STARR WHITE   1345 day(s) ago
Good share on how we can focus better on what and who we are before we offer anything. will share for you

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