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You are Your Best Asset
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I recently considered a career in the insurance industry. I started a training program, and at the moment had other career moves that were coming into play, so although I did not complete the program, there were some bits of information that I learned that were absolutely crucial to my progress and success.

One of the first things I read in that program that stood out to me, was a statement in the first chapter that said, "As your family provider, you play a main role. A Money Making Machine." At first, I thought, "geez, thats not a nice way to put it". As I thought about and read on, it became apparent that this is very true! As the providers in our family, we are indeed a nurturer, a comforter, a manager, a friend, a parent, etc..but we are also indeed a "money-machine." We are the main source of income to support our family and give access to resources to live, and more importantly live the lifestyle we want.

We are solely responsible for providing shelter, food, cleanliness, utilities, entertainment, clothing, these are of course our basics. Then of course for those of us who want more, we are looking at luxury, comfort, convenience, security, and abundance. Guess what, we must also pay for these things as well.

So, I thought to myself, "Okay, its set. I will be a money-machine for my family". My husband is too, but I as a woman, who had always worked in careers making other corporate figures richer, wanted to create my own path as a contributor to my household. I wanted to be a money machine to give my family the quality of life that we desired and deserved. This caused me to go into action. I had to look at my current methods of bringing in income, which were at the time a J.O.B (just over broke). I had to look at my time available to do other activities to earn more money. Turns out, all of my time was dedicated to working for someone else to earn what they thought I was worth. This wasnt producing what I wanted either. I then needed to look at my current resources. In this case, I realized that I was spending more to not earn anything additional. (Daycare costs, gas, specific clothing, lunches away from home, stress,etc..

When I brought everything to the forefront, I realized that I was not being a productive money-machine for my family, I was being one for someone else and it was not giving me what I wanted. With this realization, I decided to research other opportunities for me to become the true money-machine that I so desired to be. I wanted the time, ability, and system to help me create the life I wanted.

Im thankful that the decision I made to look into a new career lead me to that epiphany. Although I did not proceed with the insurance field, I did fall into many lucrative businesses that allowed me live that life and be the money-machine that I desired. Ironically, one of those businesses is with a leader in Dental & Health Supplemental Discount Plans, which has proven to be just as valuable of a resource to individuals and families as regular insurance. In some cases, it has actually helped people more. With this business, not only do I provide resources to people who do wish to save on their expenses for health care, I get to help people be more of a resource to their family by earning a residual and immediate income to add to their household. So many families in the US right now are without some form of dental, or health care coverage, that its an alarming number. Im proud to be able to offer a needed service to the people I know and the people I meet.

Now we fast forward to today, I can say that I am that "Money Making Machine" that I need to be for my family, and I wouldnt have it any other way. I figured, if I am going to work 40+ hours per week for someone else to live their lavish life, wouldnt it make sense that I dedicate that same time to myself on my terms to live the life that I want?

If youre at a point where you make the decision that you want to provide more resources for your family, including saving your family's hard earned money and bring in a residual monthly income, be sure to look into what I do with my company. You can even request an interview with me directly to speak more about the opportunity.

Now Go Make that Money! :)

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Jason Yost   1121 day(s) ago
Well done. A great blog.
Jazmine Smith   1121 day(s) ago
I strongly agree with this blog. Great blog, and perfectly said.
Johnny Lee   1121 day(s) ago
Well said SD. We all face the challenges of being producers, especially now. Your journey is similiar to many who find something they are passionate about and help others and everything else takes care of itself.
Lynda Marsden   1121 day(s) ago
Fantastic blog, loads of people work to make others rich, it is time they realised it is possible to do it for yourself
Angela Walker   1121 day(s) ago
Great Blog SD now i will go and make myself some money ;)

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