posted on: 10/20/2011 3:28:53 AM EST
RamCage has Soft-Launched Today !!
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Welcome to the team! RamCage has started the soft launch TODAY!!

Timing is everything! Like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook... Ramcage will change the internet. Hundreds of companies failed at creating "1-button" personal portals to manage all of your social media and emails.... Now it's here! By catching the "Global Wave" now, you could have thousands of people around the world on your team. Ramcage will send you a check every month, for the rest of your life, passed on to your family, for just referring people to their awesome service.

Get excited! Get knowledgeable! Commit one hour to reviewing all the information on your website. Pick one night to listen to the company overview call.

It was a great Ramcage company call last night with the announcement everything is on time and our personal portals will be up at midnight tonight (10-19). You need to be signed up with at least one social media company for this service to work. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, etc.

Customer service was in training and will now be available to answer questions or help you with your account. We will be on company calls on a regular basis as well as reviewing updates from Ramcage...As we know, we will share with you.

It was announced last night that Ramcage will be introducing a "Business To Platform." Most businesses have to manage their email and social media, too. This will be an incredible tool to make that job simple and time effective. It means more revenue for us, too.

Over the next few weeks, we will see what type of training Ramcage will offer. We will learn what their duplication system is and teach it as well. Please remember, the simpler we keep the business, the easier it will be to attract people and have them duplicate.

Ramcage is exploding like wildfire. Don't procrastinate and share with your networking friends ASAP! I personally have lost two already!

Link to recording of the latest conference call:

To get involved if you are not yet click on my rotator link to join under one of my personal sponsored members:

See you all there - Please be in touch any time, ok?

John Muyris

Skype ID - john.muyris

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