posted on: 3/4/2012 11:23:34 PM EST
The Day I Wake
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The day that you wake up in the morning and ask yourself one question...Am i going to be a champion today or average? and you decide to go out in the world and not think about the negatives but just rely on the positive, energy that your oxygen intake is circulating through you body in and out. That's a day of LEGENDS, but not just any YOU. See, when you here about others being praised and looked at doesn't mean that they have special powers. They just have that gut and heart to step out of their comfort zone for a bit and change peoples lives. They too, have that voice in their head that says you can't but they tamed it like a wild beast. See things don't hold us back, not being honest does and being enslaved to our fears due to consequences does. So thins about your soul and spirit, stare at yourself in the mirror at least five minutes every day, look deep into your heart past all the mistakes and bad things that have come your way. And ask yourself another question, will i be a slave to my fear today or will i whip that *** and make it a slave to my wisdom and dreams. Take your dreams out of the closet where you stashed them. Bring them out because I WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN!

Hope you liked!

God Bless

Norberto Polanco

646 704 4201

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Norberto Polanco   1438 day(s) ago
I apologize for the late reply gentleman, Thanks for the wonderful comments. You guys are amazing.
Chris Caldon   1438 day(s) ago
Good stuff Norberto! I like your style!
David Glassey   1438 day(s) ago
Very positive Norberto, thank you for your powerful message.
MIKE DIALS   1438 day(s) ago
Great reminder to shrug off our Fears. thanks for sharing Norberto! Back to the top with this one! ;D

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