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Who is Doug Safriet and why should I care?
RBD, Doug Safriet,

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Who is Doug Safriet and why should I care?
by northtech | on March 25, 2012

Who is Doug Safriet and why should I care?

Well let’s look at Doug’s Resume,

- Business Development Expert, International Entrepreneur, Investor, Internet Marketing specialist, Business Consultant

- I am a multi 8 figure business builder.
I built my first corporation at the age of 22 and with in 5 yrs. spun 4 different divisions off of it,

- 1st, company I built for reprocessing copper,

- 2nd. company I pioneered the Development of the plastic lumber from co-mingled plastics in late 80s, went in full production in 1990,

- 3rd, company Built a $100 million plus a year international import/export company with china and other countries, 1989 to 1993,

- Sold all corporations in 1993 and retired at the age of 36,
Quickly got tired of retirement in late 1994,

- 4th, company started Safriet Investments to create myself a job and turned it to a multi 7 figures business also,

- 5th, while you are reading this i am building another multi 7 figure Business,

News articles, written about myself and businesses I have built on my facebook page and at for viewing, or just Google my Name,

This is the beginning of a new era in Network Marketing. ALL Network Marketers joining the same Downline…what a novel idea! We are definitely on to something big. As apposed to everyone joining opportunities at random, not knowing where they are positioned, spreading ourselves thin, failing to build and the company owners end up making most of the money…We can form a MASSIVE army Downline of entrepreneurs and march across the Globe and everyone joining the same opportunities as 1 downline!Flipping the downline each opportunity will make everyone successful


I guess this Doug just started This and Is looking for you!

“I am linking together top internet marketers and business builders around the country and joining forces building new companies, also we are looking for top level people to grow with us.”

This is something the world needs to keep there eyes on, some one that that who is worth a few bucks is trying to help the masses. I wish there were more people out there like this guy.

You need to ; Take a serious look at this guys! Go to his face book page and check him out for your self.


Empower your self today, like Doug has done.

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