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Ideas for Single Moms to Make extra money..... Google it.
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Ideas for single moms to make extra money!

by northtech | on March 2, 2012

Ideas for single moms looking to make extra money..

Now I know every single mom is looking for simple ideas to make money.

The answer to this question is a difficult one, and when under stress it’s not the best time. I know if you stop ! Right now and take a breath……..I am going to tell you its going to be okay…. take stock of your skills there are lots of opportunities to have better cash flow coming into your house. Your little ones are the most important part of your life and need there Mom!

Making cash ideas,
Are you good with arts and crafts? Sewing is another way to make extra income. Cleaning part time can also work. Its really up to you to look at all your options. If you already have little ones at home watching one or two more could be done during the week.

One other option is make money online, when it comes to online and making money its end less realm of possibilities . With online a lot of adds say make money online now. The problem with some of these adds that tell you , “you can make money online now”. Forgot to mention that it’s them selling you the crapy $47 ebook that is making money right now.

I have gone down that road an there are some very not nice people online. I too have been with out work and had kids mouths to feed, van payment and rent due. I got thru the dark days, you can too.
Don’t give up, hang in there!

If I were in your shoes I would do a two level approach. I would start by trying to do child care part time, Sewing or call around to companies for Clerical work. You need to try and get a cash flow right now. You need to make short term plan, a 3 month plan and a long term plan.

So let’s recap of ideas you can do to get cash flowing.

You need to make a game plan. A plan can change but you need to start with a plan.

Then look at you options,

Consider Part Time Job
- taking calls at home, for a after hours answering service.
- sewing
- making crafts
- tutoring
- teaching piano
- baking for other busy parents who work out side the home.
- sell Amway a 11 Billion dollar bussiness
- or try this simple easy blogging system that pays you 100% commission. You can do this after the kids go to bed and you have some free time.

I hope this helps.

Here is a video that shows real ways to make money online, click here.

Until next time,


I know your pain, I am a foster parent I see what it’s like.

This program can help you!
building a network marketing business is simple.,

Empowernetwork can give you all these tools plus upto date training.

I am a electronics tech who works for a power plant in Canada’s arctic.
I am a foster parent, a real parent , and a mentor at work to new employees.
I want to make the world a better place. One On one at a time!

About ME! <— my youtube Video.<—

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Laura James   748 day(s) ago
Hello Bruce, Thank you for this blog post and for your efforts to help single mom's. All of this is appreciated.

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