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Build it Big, Build it to Last – Ready Built Downline
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Build it Big, Build it to Last – Ready Built Downline

by northtech | on April 18, 2012

Build it Big, Build it to Last — A Ready Built Downline!

So you would like to make more money. Alot more money! You’ve tried everything you know to build a downline group but it just doesn’t build fast enough or large enough or they drop out faster than you can bring them in. You’ve talked to all your family and friends who are avoiding you lke the plague. You’ve bought leads and talked to hundreds of dead beat people who don’t even know how you got their name. You’ve followed the training that your upline says will make you a million. You are forking out a 100 to 200 bucks a month for autoship and your check doesn’t cover it so it is just another monthly bill. OR, you have managed to build a downline but it is not growing the way you would like it to. It is just not big enough for you to make the kind of money you would like to make. This is the 4th or 5th company you have tried this with, all with similar results. This is so friggin frustrating and the marital tension over spending money is growing.

Does this sound all too familiar? You see these companies and the leaderhip would tell you that your lack of success was because of YOU. You are not talking to enough people, you are not saying the right things, you need more posture when talking to people, you need to go to networking groups and do this belly to belly, the three foot rule, you have to come to all the trainings and conventions to build your belief in the product and the company and on and on………

The truth is you could do everything “right” and still not succeed because YOU are not the problem. It is the SYSTEM they teach you that is the problem. 97% of people in network markeing fail because this system of building a business simply does not work for them.

So what does work then? Well what if you didn’t have to scare your friends off. What if you didn’t have to buy leads, sales aids, go to conventions and the rest of the crap that doesn’t work.

Build it Big, Build it to Last – Ready Built Downline
What if you could join a group that would build your downline FOR you with your participation. Can you imagine the power of joining a network marketing company as a large group all at the same time and then have that group feed your downline month after month. And then……. that same large group goes into business #2 and does it all over again, and then business #3. Do you get the picture? This would mean multiple streams of income for you and the group members which then grows monthly. You have just been introduced to the concept of a “ready built” downline. This is what the 97% who have been unable to build it on their own have been waiting for. A way to build it big, a way to build it to last. See for yourself. Ready Built Downline

Written by Terry A Smith
Technical by Bruce (no bs) Fowler

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