posted on: 4/24/2012 8:16:08 AM EST
All Too Often We Cry Scam
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by Dr Don Yates Sr PhD Author: Internet Users Handbook

All Too Often We Cry Scam, When the Fault May Be Yours!

So is it really a scam or not? While most of us will not tell friends or family if we have been scammed, others of us will blame others or the program for our mistakes or lack of action. Even legitimate claims via blogs, can be pulled as WordPress will shut down a free blog site without explanation due to a complaint from someone. Keep in mind, that overnight success is seldom achieved by most of us. However, we simply cannot blame others or a program for our failures online. Do your own due diligence, consider the source a complaint and/or praise for a program. Also, keep in mind, that all matters online; be they endorsements, testimonials, proof of payment, etc. can be falsified.

Sites like Web of Trust (WOT) , Google, Yahoo, even Facebook, Twitter, etc. all make it too easy for us to post a false claim of a scam or spam when a site is not performing to our expectations. Posts in blogs, email, social networks, articles, reviews all give us an opportunity to vent our frustrations. When warned, check the source of...

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Daniel Ionel   1383 day(s) ago
Very useful and interesting article,thanks for sharing Christian.

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