posted on: 5/13/2011 2:20:03 PM EST
The Power Of Implementing The Personal Touch
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Last night I received a call from someone named Randy. I was unable to take the call, so he left a message saying he wanted to speak to me about my business. I returned the call today and it wasn't exactly my business he wanted to speak about (though we touched on it briefly), but an opportunity he thought I might be interested in. At first I was irritated by this call and wanted to know where he found my contact info. It seems he read my blogs, clicked on my business link and that is where he retrieved my info. He proceeded to discuss some of my blog entries with me and it turns out we both had similar reasons for getting into MLM. We both were working long hours at our 9-5 in order to support our families and needed a better way to secure our financial future. We went on to discuss methods of growing our down lines and what has and has not worked for each of us. At the end of our conversation he gave me some sites to look over and asked that I call him to let him know what I think. When I looked at the time I couldn't believe that I was on the phone with him for an hour. The irritation I initially felt had given way to an enjoyable conversation. By getting to know a little about one another and discussing common interest; I went from feeling as if a sales pitch was coming to actually liking the guy.

I am aware that his objective is to get me to join his opportunity. Yet by humanizing the conversation instead of just pitching his business he was able to make his information available to me without my cutting him short. He could have just sent an e-mail but odds are I would have hit delete before reading through the first sentence. He made the effort to make a more personal connection and attempt to build a relationship.

In this age of texting, tweeting and instant messaging; having a good rapport with someone has become negligible. So many hide behind their computer screens. With the internet information is available to any and all who want it. Want to know more about a business , just do a google search,Then if you want more info you contact a real person. How many prospects are lost this way? It isn't easy to build a relationship when there is no human contact and relationships are the key to success. People want that connection, you can't build trust without it. We are selling ourselves first and our business/product second.

As far as my call with Randy goes; he piqued my interest. I had a look at the sites and it was an opportunity that I was already familiar with. I'm not looking for anything new at the moment as time is scarce, but if or when I decide to take on a new venture I will give Randy a call. Not only did I like the opportunity; I liked the person who presented it to me.

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