posted on: 6/1/2011 1:10:08 PM EST
The Truth About MLM'S
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I'm not here to sugar coat anything. I want to give you the real deal on just what it takes to make money in MLM, direct sales or any home based business for that matter. You see, people have this misconception that it will be easy. In truth there is nothing easy about it.

First you have to find the opportunity that's right for you. This in itself will be time-consuming. There are many companies and opportunities out there. You have to do your research as to their legitimacy and longevity. Any opportunity that promises you huge amounts of money with little effort is most likely a scam. Other wise the world would be full of millionaires and we know that is not the case.

Most opportunities also require some form of a start-up fee. This can be anywhere from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. Don't base joining an opportunity on cost. Some have a one time fee for joining,others have a monthly fee and yet others may require that you buy inventory monthly. The one time fee may in the long run end up costing you less than the monthly fee. Some prefer the monthly fee as it is less up front money.

Now that you've chosen your opportunity and paid your fee you figure you can put away your credit card and get down to making money; wrong. What about hosting fees for your website? You need a web site to run your business. Some opportunities provide a ready-made site for you, you just have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. If they do not you will be responsible for creating your own as well as purchasing a domain name. Many marketers prefer this method because there is more control over appearance and content and will even choose to do this even if the company provides one.

Your web site is now up and running, so how are you going to get people to view it? First step would be to submit your site to all the major search engines. Blogging, article writing and participating in forums are also great ways of getting exposure for your site. You can also use social media ( Face Book, Twitter etc. ). Just make sure your web site is in your signature when posting and check the forum rules, some don't allow this. There are also some great marketing sites out there like ibotoolbox and apsense. These sites allow marketers to interact with one another as well as advertise their opportunities. All of the above mentioned ways of getting exposure to your site are completely free.

You may opt for paid advertising at some point or a service such as aweber that has a small fee but is great for e-mail marketing. There are other tools that can be way more expensive but if they give you the return on your investment you shouldn't be turned off by the price tag.

Customer retention is something else to consider. Now that your ready to make your sales ,what is going to keep those customers coming back? That's why it's best to take part in an opportunity that offers a product or service you personally use. Being a customer first ,you know what has kept you a loyal customer and prompted you to join the company. A loyal customer could eventually be a part of your down line. Ask for customer feed back and stay in contact with your customers. If a customer is not satisfied, rectify it immediately. It is far less expensive to gain repeat business than to acquire a new customer.

As you can see it is not as easy as some opportunities would lead you to believe. It takes work and a commitment to your own success. There is plenty of money to be made. I know many people making 5 figures a month or more in residual income from the business I am in. It just didn't happen over night. I am relatively new to this business and the more I am learning the more I am making. You must continually educate yourself and you will see your skills improve. Find a good mentor and absorb everything they can teach you, go to seminars,watch webinars; just keep learning. It will pay off. I'm not making the five figures yet, but I will. Of that I have no doubt. As I said I'm new to this business and it's not "get in and get rich", but in time it will provide a real residual income.

Remember your level of commitment along with the skills you acquire is what will make your success imminent. For some it takes months, for other years. It all depends on what you do to achieve that success. It is a known fact that 97% of people taking part in building a business fail. They give up without ever really trying. They might think they tried but the reality is they were uneducated and misinformed. But the 3% that make it are living the life others dream of having; no boss, no punching a time clock and financial freedom. I plan on being part of that 3%. Majority doesn't always rule.

Just for a reference here are the reasons I joined my company:
1. The cost to enroll
2. The cost to maintain
3. The product
4. The pay plan
5. They offer residual income
6. The tax deductions of a home based business
7. The companies reputation and leaders

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