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Marketing With A Conscience
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Thousands of people every year consider opening their own business. Most never get to realize their dreams because of cost constraints. In today’s economy who is willing to take on the burden of purchasing tons of merchandise,hiring employees and paying rent? How many people would be willing to invest all of their savings into a business? or how about even attempt to get a loan? I would wager not many. Luckily there are other options. A brick and mortar store is not the only way to have your own business. Running a home based business can be just as rewarding and profitable.

I along with my spouse have had a few home based businesses over the years. We’ve made money and have enjoyed working together. Yet the income wasn’t enough that we would be able to quit our day jobs. We had to continually acquire new clients to keep the money flowing. With the down turn in the economy this was becoming harder and harder. A close friend recommended finding a MLM that we would be interested in. He said it was a lucrative way of doing business and the income was residual. I didn’t want to be one of those annoying people who constantly badgered friends and family to buy something, so I told him I don’t think this is for me. Truth be told I knew nothing about MLM’s. I decided to do some research and boy did I get an education.

There are some great MLM’s out there. Some deal with products and some deal with services. The investment can range in price from as little as $50 to several hundred depending on the company. Each company has different compensation plans and different forms of training. You can basically grow an MLM into what ever you want it to be. The potential is there! What the heck am I waiting for? I should find a company and product I believe in and get on board. Not so fast! I still had to get past my dislike of selling. I couldn’t reconcile myself to the fact that I would be pushing this on other people to make money. I didn’t want to be like those annoying telemarketers. You know the ones I’m talking about. They call while you’re sitting down to dinner with your family and then you ask them not to call again and they do any way. You get so frustrated you just hang up on them or take the phone off the hook. If I didn’t want to bother my friends and family and yet I didn’t want to be a pain in the *** to strangers how was I going to make money? I had no idea. Then a simple conversation with my daughter put it all in perspective.

I was sitting at my computer researching MLM’s when my daughter asked what I was doing. After telling her what I was looking for and explaining to her my dilemma, she sat down and with a thoughtful look said ” so it’s like when I try a new restaurant and recommend it to my friends”. I said not exactly. She replied ” sure it is”.” I tell so and so about this great restaurant and she and a couple of other people try it and then they recommend it to some more people”. “Before you know it 50 people have gone to that restaurant because I originally told someone about it”. “They obviously liked it because they told more people about it and in the end the restaurant made a ton of money.” I was speechless. Here I am wracking my brain on a way to not feel guilty marketing my product and my 20-year-old daughter summed it up for me in 5 minutes. There’s nothing wrong with recommending something to friends or family that you think is a great deal. If they like it they will also recommend it and you will make money. This is a win win situation.

That conversation took place six months ago. I am now happily involved with an MLM company that I believe in. My friends and family{warm market} were very receptive when I recommended this company and by word of mouth my company has grown.Some have even joined me and I am helping them grow their business. I’m not saying it was easy, because it wasn’t. It does take time and effort especially when your dealing with people outside of your warm market. As long as you believe in yourself and your company , feel confident in what you are asking of others and are willing to put in the time and effort you will succeed with an MLM.

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