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Recession Proof Industry
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How many people are jumping on the band-wagon to purchase lotions, potions, vitamins via auto-ship every month? Not that many. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very exciting and wonderful companies out there with really great products, but we have to be honest with ourselves, it is not the easiest sell to convince someone they need a bottle of vitamins shipped to their door on automatic,especially in this economy. If it's not a necessity it's a luxury. Some will buy from you for a time, but truly how many will stick with you when they are hurting financially?

Ambit Energy sells to the public a commodity that enjoys 100% marketplace acceptance. Almost all Americans pay for electricity and or natural gas. The wonderful part of our great country is the freedom to choose who we purchase that energy from, thanks to deregulation. And once it is deregulated, and it only happens once, the opportunity is now! Everyone knows there is a huge shift going on in the energy industry and Ambit Energy is right in the thick of it. Ambit Energy is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of that deregulation.

Compensation Package

MLM Network Marketing companies all have comp plans and the types and variety of them is endless. Ambit Energy has taken a very simplified approach to the business. Just the nature of the business is you grow your business by finding retail customers, who happens to be everyone. The price structure of the energy is as competitive as anyone’s out there. You do not grow the way they do by offering expensive energy. As customers sign up, you get paid bonuses for building your customer base and you get paid every month as your customers pay their bills.

Where we do business

As of right now Ambit is a licensed retail electricity provider in the state of Texas, a licensed energy service company (ESCO) in the state of NY, a alternate gas provider (AGS) in the state of Illinois and a licensed energy supplier in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Why Ambit?

Our phenomenal achievement and success record speaks for itself having been ranked by INC 500 AS THE FASTEST-GROWING PRIVATE COMPANY IN AMERICA and THE NO. 1 ENERGY COMPANY IN AMERICA! We are a member of the DSA and have an A rating with the BBB.

Deregulation of energy is now sweeping across the country - a federally mandated phenomenon that would allow the transfer of wealth from current energy monopolies to thousands of individuals and companies. Ambit Energy provides the opportunity to tap into this $500+ Billion deregulated market by aggressively expanding into other electricity and natural gas markets throughout the United States.

If you would like more info on this amazing company or would just like to save some money on your gas and electric bills , please view the links on my profile. Fell free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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