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The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth
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"The greatest transference of wealth in the history of America will be due to energy deregulation"…Warren Buffet

With the deregulation of the energy supply industry a wealth of opportunities were created. Consumers are now able to have a choice as to who supplies their energy. They can compare rates between various companies and choose the one that best fits their needs. This is also an opportunity for someone looking to start their own business. Just about everyone you know uses gas and electric. They pay for it each and every month without a second thought. Now wouldn't it be great if you could help them save money on those bills and earn money in the process?

I am a consultant in NY with Ambit energy and have also been a customer for three years.
I have saved every month on my utility bills, some months more than others due to market fluctuation. Ambit is the ONLY company that guarantees a 1% savings below the incumbent's prices. The savings are normally more but it's nice to have a guarantee none the less. There is no contract or cost associated with switching to Ambit and there is no cancellation fee. If your not happy for whatever reason you are free to cancel at any time. Nothing changes ,you're still billed from your regular utility company (they continue to deliver your supply) and they continue to handle all service problems. You can even stay on your current budget and service plan. Nothing changes for the consumer except that they save money.

Everyone you know is looking to save money! It's ingrained in us to want to pay less. If you were filling up your car and one station was $4.29 and the one across the street was $4.24 a gallon you would naturally go with the cheaper price. Gas is gas, there is no difference in quality. So don't you think people you know would understand this reasoning? Wouldn't they want to save money ever month without even trying? How about possibly earn free energy? If a customer refers 15 customers to switch to Ambit, they will average those 15 customer's supply charge and credit it to you just for recommending them. You as a consultant get paid every time one of your customers pays their bills. You get paid each and every month. You earn a residual income every month from your customers and the customers of your team members. This can add up rather quickly and it only takes a few hours a week to build your business. You don't have to ask anyone to buy anything. Your only asking them to save money! That's why this is a recession proof industry!

Check out this link and read the article. When your done have a look at my website. Watch the video and see the amazing money making opportunity made possible by energy deregulation.

Key industry leaders discussed smart grid innovations and growth in power markets #energy

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