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Psychology Of The Consumer
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Consumer psychology refers to the study of how people relate to the goods and services they use in their daily lives. To market effectively you must first understand when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product. In my opinion the main reasons consumers buy products are the products attributes, the consumers core values and in some instances a learned response.

If you were to ask why someone purchased a particular product they would usually respond with a product attribute. For example; if you asked a consumer why they purchased a certain brand of juice, they might respond because it is all natural. Attributes are the reasons consumers are drawn to certain products.

Core values are the underlying reasons consumers purchase one product over another.In the previous example the consumer purchased the juice because it was all natural.If you were to ask why that mattered the response might be that it has no added sugar so it is healthier. If you probed further you might come to realize that being healthy is important to this consumer because she/he equates healthy with being better able to care for their family. That is the underlying reason this product was purchased.

Learned responses are ingrained in a consumer. It is the influence of the people who have been prevalent in our lives(family,friends). If mom purchased a certain product and you were raised using that product; chances are you will continue purchasing it. That’s not to say at some point a consumer won’t develop their own preference, many eventually do. Yet there is still the sentiment “if it was good enough for grandma it’s good enough for me”.
Market research in the form of questioneers,polls and asking for feed back would be helpful in determining the needs of the consumer. If we can better understand the key reasons that drive consumers to purchase particular products; we can form a more effective and direct marketing strategy; which in turn will be conducive to increased sales.

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