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TIP OF THE DAY #1 and #2 From Pain Sufferers Speak's FREE Online Community
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TIP OF THE DAY #1: Find ways to refocus off of your pain.

If you focus on pain it gets worse, and seems overwhelming. Try watching a comedy movie, listening to your favorite music, playing a game with family members or friends, doing a crossword puzzle or word jumble, call a friend and chat about their life, come on our family group and offer advice to someone else about their struggles. Helping others can be a powerful way to help yourself refocus. Everyone appreciates kind words, prayers, getting the gift of good vibes and healing energy. Pass it on!

TIP OF THE DAY #2 I highly recommend journaling.

Its an easy way for you and your doctor to track your pain, symptoms, illnesses, what you eat, how much you sleep, what meds you take, what dosage of each med, your exercise/activity level, and so much more. Journaling enables your doctor to see the whole picture of your life and make the best suggestions and treatment plan for you! Mine was used at my Social Security Hearing as evidence of my daily life and limitations. Its also a wonderful way to write down and drop off your negativity, fears, concerns, worries, anger, etc. You will feel lighter and better able to face your day and your challenges!

Written by Pain Sufferers Speak's Founder, Liz Hall

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greg siwek   1128 day(s) ago
Great Press Release , thank you
Jill Hart   1128 day(s) ago
journaling is a good idea
Sally Bruce Witt    1157 day(s) ago
Liz, it is wonderful to be connected to you. I admire you so much, and am proud to be your friend.
pierce boyd   1163 day(s) ago
Great press release Liz thanks for sharing
Lucky Tony   1164 day(s) ago
Thanks to share this great information!

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