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Certified Parent Coaching Program
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FamilyIQ is in the business of providing educational resources to help individuals and families improve their relationships as a result, find greater satisfaction in their daily lives.

Our members use the eLearning resources of FamilyIQ in a self-help manner from the comfort of their own home. In addition to the library of rich material consisting of courses, tests and articles, FamilyIQ offers a program of telephone parent coaching for more personal and comprehensive focus on individual family issues.

To meet the fast-paced demand of our growing customer base, FamilyIQ has implemented a certification program that is now being made available to interested individuals wishing to join the ranks of our Certified Parent Coaches. This unique ‘vocational trade’ is an exclusive program offered to those wishing to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of others.

The tools used by FamilyIQ coaches are limited to FamilyIQ resources which include: courses, tests and assessments, articles, activity sheets, recorded seminars and applications. Prospective Coaches (termed ‘Trainees’) will be required to meet specific FamilyIQ curriculum requirements as well as attend mandatory training classes both online and face-to-face. A total of 500 FamilyIQ credits must be earned for successful participation and certification.

The FamilyIQ Parent Coaching program takes approximately 4 months to complete. Once properly certified, FamilyIQ will work with the new coaches to list them in the FamilyIQ Parent Coaching directory and will refer interested FamilyIQ members to the coach as appropriate. Coaches will be responsible to follow the policies and procedures of the program and must maintain member activity and be in good standing in order to stay certified. FamilyIQ is under no obligation to refer prospective clients and makes no guarantee for clients.
FamilyIQ Certified Parent Coaches offer the following benefits to others:

Direction on a path to stronger more effective relationship and parenting skills
Assessment of family or individual needs as they pertain to relationships, communication and social skills that are uniquely matched to Family IQ resources
Encouragement and motivation to stay dedicated to the often difficult task of consistency in parenting
Much needed support for single parents
Positive and lasting impact on present and future generations
A resource to the community through presentations, seminars and healthy role modeling
Contributions to the Family IQ community through feedback, colleague support and promotion of Family IQ goals

Personal benefits for FamilyIQ Certified Parent Coaches include:

Personal growth professionally through comprehensive training Improvement of personal parenting skills
Improvement of personal relationship and coping skills
A deeper understanding of research-based strategies to help individuals, couples, and families as a result of the Certification process
Opportunities to increase financial earnings through paid opportunities to coach others
Increase in confidence to interact with others in the public domain
Increased familiarity with generally accepted research and family therapy concepts that can translate into other career and academic paths
Ability to develop a network of clients who can provide ongoing referrals
Membership in a unique support network of FamilyIQ Coaches
Immense personal satisfaction from helping others improve their lives

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