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Who is FamilyIQ
Family offer tools make stronger

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FamilyIQ offers an incredible opportunity that is noble, dignified and real.
We provide nationally acclaimed online tools to help struggling families
get better and good families become great!

Over the past decade, we have developed excellent educational tools for parents who want the best for their children, but don’t have a clear vision of how to achieve it. The same new relationship skills we help parents tap into for solid connections with their kids are the very ones we also need in our increasingly complex and sometimes turbulent adult lives. Whether you’re a parent, husband, wife, or someone’s friend, our simple yet powerful process supports, empowers and transforms anyone who invests even a small amount of time and effort.

Endorsed by some of the nation’s top doctors, marriage counselors and family wellness experts, FamilyIQ has also caught the media’s eye and has been featured on television by Dr. Phil and Tyra. Up until now, FamilyIQ has steadily filtered its way into thousands of homes and corporations—big and small. And now, more than ever, we sense it’s time to create a much larger FamilyIQ presence in the marketplace. The network marketing business model is the most logical step forward for us, especially since its profitable process offers the chance for people from all walks of life to gain stability and financial security.

Don't delay we are only looking to work with qualified series entrepreneurs. No other company is able to offer what FamilyIQ has. We have a proprietary, proven & effective product line backed by international doctors. Our members foster smarter relationships, stronger families combined with a one of a kind noble home business!

Patricia White

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