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Parenting Building Blocks
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Most people have pondered something along the following thought: “I know a strong foundation in a family can make a world of difference in my family’s success, but how do I build this foundation or add to the one I already have?”

A solid parenting foundation includes preventive discipline, taking care of yourself, allowing individual growth and maintaining a healthy environment. These building blocks ensure your family can withstand the challenges, storms and tremors that affect every family. The blocks that comprise the basic family foundation need to be constructed in a way that provides strength as well as flexibility. A little bit of shake in the foundation is acceptable and normal.

By taking this test and examining your scores, you will be able to determine which parental building blocks require extra concrete to ensure stability for your family. By keeping the basics in mind, you should be able to face challenging situations with knowledge and skill, and be empowered to identify those times when additional help may be needed. You can take a test like this at my site and a few other,s if you like.

Patricia White

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