posted on: 6/10/2011 2:58:03 PM EST
Social Media-How To Profit From It
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With Facebook switching and swapping the #1 spot with Google and probably by the end of the year securing that #1 position learning the strategy of social media and how to profit from it has become more important than ever for the serious marketer online.

Social media is a technique that has to be learned as the art of recruiting in these platforms is totally different to other marketing sites, And this is the number 1 reason why most marketers have no success in Facebook and Twitter while some network marketers are absolutely killing it in this area.

Like all other areas within network marketing and affiliate marketing these skills can be and have to be learned if you wish to achieve any level of success in social media and to be honest it's an area of marketing that your business really can't afford not to be involved in.

To Your Success.
Peter Currie

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