posted on: 11/2/2011 4:16:36 PM EST
My Birthpath as given to me by Wise Men
Life, purpose, birth, path

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Entrusted with the responsibility for the well-being and care of humanity, you
would be happiest where you can express your purpose as a leader and authority
in a specialized field. Your role is to research and understand basic principles in
order to discern the reasons for the challenges that face people. In understanding
these reasons, you could provide solutions for others that would have lasting

Your potential to maintain stability and control and to make intelligent
decisions, even under extreme conditions, could strengthen your role as a leader.
Self-reliance, independence, and originality of thought are qualities to assist you
in accomplishment in your own individual way.

You have the potential to carry significant responsibility for others, but worry and
mental pressure must be controlled in order to manage your responsibilities free
from stress and turmoil.

Within your potential are qualities of ingenuity and creativity along both practical
and inspirational lines, for example, in design, in literary or musical composition,
in artistic expression, in education, or in philosophical research. You would be
happiest where you could use your mental capabilities in combination with
physical effort in a stable, progressive environment.

Within you is a determination and reliability to surmount obstacles, to handle
obligations, and to manage activities to successful conclusions. The love, respect,
and support of people would hold important value as you progress through life.
Understanding the heart and mind of others and considering their viewpoints
would help you balance any tendency to be self-opinionated, interfering, or too
inquisitive in your endeavours to be helpful.

Learning to delegate duties to maintain efficient management of your enterprises would build your appreciation of the strengths within all people. You could find relaxation in the peace and harmony of the out-of-doors. An inborn love of nature and a desire to understand the mysteries of life could be satisfied through examination and analysis of nature’s laws.

***This caused me to cry tears of joy. If this is not accurate, I don't know what is!

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Quantrell Miles   1561 day(s) ago
Thank you AJ, I appreciate that my man. Excellent IBO Spirit!
Alvin Fuller   1561 day(s) ago
Well spoken indeed Quantrell. Those profound illustrations can be applied to every facet of life and if applied consistently, the efficiency of all productivity would be assured allowing one to indeed, ‘slow down and smell the roses.
Quantrell Miles   1561 day(s) ago
Thank you for commenting and rating this blog fellow IBO's :-) Yes, enterprise mgt combined with efficiency and determination will certainly result in success and prosperity.
Mary Howard   1561 day(s) ago
Kudos to efficiency and enterprise management.
DAISY FISHLER   1561 day(s) ago
The key word is determination. A good friend (marketer) told me that if you don't believe and have great determination you will not make it.

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