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The God in ALL
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"WHOM SEEK YE? I have told you that I AM; if therefore ye seek Me,
let these go their way".– John 18:8

Today there is so much said about Masters, Elder Brothers, Adepts and initiates that numberless truth seekers are being constantly misled by seeking these false lights. For a price, most of these pseudo-teachers offer their students initiation into the mysteries, promising them guidance and direction. Man’s weakness for leaders, as well as his worship of idols, makes him an easy prey of these schools and teachers. Good will come to most of these enrolled students; they will discover after years of awaiting and sacrificing that they were following a mirage. They will then become disillusioned in their schools and teachers, and this disappointment will be worth the effort and price they have paid for their fruitless search. They will then turn from their worship of man and in so doing discover that which they are seeking is not to be found in another, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within [Luke 17:21].

This realization will be their first real initiation. The lesson learned will be this: There is only one Master and this Master is God, the I AM within themselves. "I AM the Lord thy God who led thee out of the land of darkness; out of the house of bondage" [Exodus 20:21, Deuteronomy 5:61]. I AM, your awareness, is Lord and Master and besides your awareness there is neither Lord nor Master. You are Master of all that you will ever be aware of being. You know that you are, do you not? Knowing that you are is the Lord and Master of that which you know that you are.

You could be completely isolated by man from that which you are conscious of being; yet you would, in spite of all human barriers, effortlessly draw to yourself all that you were conscious of being. The man who is conscious of being poor does not need the assistance of anyone to express his poverty. The man who is conscious of being sick, though isolated in the most hermetically sealed germ- proof area in the world, would express sickness. There is no barrier to God, for God is your awareness of being. Regardless of what you are aware of being, you can and do express it without effort. Stop looking for the Master to come; he is with you always.

"I AM with you always, even unto the end of the world" [Matthew 28:20].

You will from time to time know yourself to be many things, but you need not be anything to know that you are. You can, if you so desire, disentangle yourself from the body you wear; in so doing, you realize that you are a faceless, formless awareness and not dependent on the form you are in your expression. You will know that you are; you will also discover that this knowing that you are is God, the Father, which preceded all that you ever knew yourself to be. Before the world was, you were aware of being and so you were saying "I AM", and I AM will be, after all that you know yourself to be shall cease to be. There are no Ascended Masters. Banish this superstition. You will forever rise from one level of consciousness (master) to another; in so doing, you manifest the ascended level, expressing this newly acquired consciousness.

Consciousness being Lord and Master, you are the Master Magician conjuring that which you are now conscious of being. "For God (consciousness) calleth those things which be not as though they were" [Romans 4:17]: things that are not now seen will be seen the moment you become conscious of being that which is not now seen. This rising from one level of consciousness to another is the only ascension that you will ever experience. No man can lift you to the level you desire. The power to ascend is within yourself; it is your consciousness. You appropriate the consciousness of the level you desire to express by claiming that you are now expressing such a level. This is the ascension. It is LIMITLESS, for you will never exhaust your capacity to ascend. Turn from the human superstition of ascension with its belief in masters, and find the only and everlasting master within yourself.

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Quantrell Miles   1553 day(s) ago
That's right Lenora :-) Thanks for rating and commenting.
Lenora Arnold   1553 day(s) ago
Great Quantrall. Yes, seek and one shall find.
Quantrell Miles   1554 day(s) ago
Thank you Fafa, I commend you and your achievements :-) It is my pleasure Carolyn, enlightenment is bliss. Thanks :-)
Carolyn Coleman-Grady   1554 day(s) ago
I loved this, call those things that are unseen as tho they are wonderful from Romans hey thanks for sharing, I will share as well
Fafa Catena   1554 day(s) ago
sent to twitter !

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