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You've got Mail! How The West Was Lost!
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You've Got Mail! How The West Was Lost!

The Rise and Fall of the Pony Express

John E Brown, consumer, marketer

The West was Lost when Trans-Continental railroads and telegraph messaging connected the Eastern quarter of the country to the Western outposts and cities of the old West.

California left the ranks of being an Independent Territory and entered the Union to become a state in 1850 following the miners of the previous years and the eminent Gold Rush.

By 1860 they had grown to a population of over 330,000. The supplies were delivered by wagon and stagecoach. The process took weeks.

Honestly our historical view into the past reveals the vast differences that have taken place since the telegraph and telephone were invented.

Technology was how the West was Lost. But of course that was a good thing!

The method of getting any newspapers or the mail from the East Coast to the west Coast was a dangerous and slow process. The telegraph and rail connections were not complete.

This veritably contrasts starkly to the speed with which news travels today!

The freight Moguls devised a plan and had the investment capital at hand to do something drastically significant about it.

The Pony Express was born.

The first successful Pony Express runs to unite the East to the West were begun in April 1860.

The mail and newspapers from the East Coast took off from the rail station in St Joseph, Missouri the morning of April 3, 1860.

Another rider from the West embarked heading East bringing the mail from Sacramento, California.

There was Celebration when they took off and 1966 miles later a celebration when the rounds were finished. It only took 9 days and 23 hours.

After reaching Sacramento they boarded a boat taking them to the final destination of San Francisco.

This was what they would call a Pre-Launch Today! And in Comparison it does Sound familiar.

Let us consider~

One: They had a Need~ Get the mail and news to the West coast citizens faster than the wagon trains

Two: They had a Plan ~ make possible the shortest route and supply way stations and fresh horses to change every 15 miles and Changing riders every 75-100 miles.

Three: They had contracts to deliver the mail from the government already through their freight business. They just wanted to offer priority mail and news service.

Four: The owners had Capital investment funds to make sure their venture was successful.

OK. This is what was needed for a successful Launch.

By the omition of any of these factors the equation becomes in-soluble. And the Result equals, Fail!

I will continue the story of the Pony Express with another installment.

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John E Brown   1087 day(s) ago
I'm sure getting a chuckle from your wit Wayne. The supply and demand was there but it went quicker than it came . Still history would not be the same without those 18 months.The best strategy is always in a product with long-term sustainability. Like TRAVEL
Wayne Miller   1087 day(s) ago
John, another great press release. Sometimes I wish that the pony express was back, it had to be almost as fast as my Internet connection. Thank you for all you do John, see you on the wall.
Anastasia Venditti   1087 day(s) ago
Excellent press release John Thanks for sharing it.
Trish Parr   1094 day(s) ago
Loving history as I do... THANK YOU for this PR John. Back to the top with it :-)
Cecelia McCarty   1099 day(s) ago
Hi John, I Like this Story and recommend you do more story telling! It is a good marketing tactic! Cecelia

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