posted on: 6/7/2012 11:40:24 AM EST
3 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity When Working From Home
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For the sake of productivity when working from home, keep a workspace or office organized. Keep a workspace clutter free and have a place for everything on your desk as well as in your computer. You will avoid time wasters looking for things like links and documents you wish to share with prospects and partners.


When working from home, it's very easy to procrastinate because of the flexibility that is available.Even when you don't feel like accomplishing your tasks, force yourself to get started. Often, that early resistence is due to too many unimportant distractions. Once to get in the flow of things, your mind will re-focus and you will have a great day!


Part of being productive when working from home is taking care of personal needs. Make sure to find a system that works for you. Wheather it is Outlook, Google calendar or one of the great apps out there, the way you schedule your day, week and Months need to be adapted to YOUR lifestyle. It has to be has uniques as you are unique.

To Your Brilliant Success

~ Nathalie

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pete CHRISTENSEN   1345 day(s) ago
HI Nathalie, that is some great application-time runs away otherwise! Pete rated and shared, have a great day--
Pastor Ced Reynolds    1345 day(s) ago
3 excellent points Nathalie. Well put together and memorable. Thanks for sharing.
Ally Stewart   1345 day(s) ago
Great tips. Working from home is great but it is easy to get distracted. I work best with tight schedules so too much time is my enemy and I need to do something else outside of working on the laptop.
Bev Brossy   1345 day(s) ago
Great advice, Nathalie! I've been working online from home for 15 years now and still have trouble with some of these issues - especially procrastination :)
Steve Vicky Bruce   1345 day(s) ago
If you have your office in an organized manner, you can operate the same way. Thanks Nathalie and GO IBO

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