posted on: 4/8/2012 9:21:26 PM EST
Milestone of 20,000 Profile Views
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I am so Excited I have just Received 20,000 profile Views!!

I have to give special Thanks to Paul Williams for all he has done to help me Build My Business!! Im so Glad I took the Time to Look at this(Free) Platform!!

By Using all the tools that Ibo Provides such as the Blogger System,Wall Postings, and the awesome Ibo Url's that make my Business Links Unique has helped my Business grow to Heights people only Dream of!!

Consistent Effort over the time I have been Using Ibo has Helped me Associate and Friend some Amazing People from all over the World!

I want to Give a Special Thank you to all my Associates On IBOTOOLBOX Because without them Sharing my profiles,Links, and Posts All My Success with a Google Page Rank#1. That alone is a Huge Thing that My profile is Ranked among the Millions of Websites out there and that would have not Been Possible without IBO!! Thanks for the IBO Spirit IboCitizens!!

The statement that IBOtoolbox is unlike any platform out there is so True!! It is guaranteed that by using IBO platform for free your Business will Grow and You will grow as A Person too!!

You Have to Give to Receive!! Share IBO with Everyone you know and Help them Build their Business Today!!

Thank you Paul Williams for all your Hard Work and Dedication and Making IBOTOOLBOX A Huge Success!!

If you Reading this and Not A IBo Member and want your Business to Grow Join Here>>

Thank you For Reading..Happy Easter.. Have a Blessed Day
Deleon Duckworth

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Deleon Duckworth   745 day(s) ago
Yes it is A Powerful Platform to use if you are Trying to Run A Home Business! Thanks Jesse~GO IBO~
Jesse Smith   745 day(s) ago
Totally awesome Deleon. The Power of IBO.
Deleon Duckworth   745 day(s) ago
Thank you Aldrin,Hitesh, and Troy!!! Love the IBO Spirit :)
Deleon Duckworth   745 day(s) ago
Thank you "Money" Mike!! Have a Successful Day!
Troy Green   745 day(s) ago
Congratulations,Deleon.Awesome!Go IBO.
Hitesh Sangani   745 day(s) ago
IBO is great agree with you Deleon
Aldrin Serapion   745 day(s) ago
Great Deleon :) and Your Welcome, we are blessed with IBOTOOLBOX. i would lik to thank too Paul Williams :) GO IBO.
Deleon Duckworth   745 day(s) ago
Yes It is Awesome..Thanks Sue and Jason!!~GO IBO~
MIKE DIALS   745 day(s) ago
Thanks Deleon for haring this! Congrats on making 20,000 Profile views that Rocks! Have a great day! :)
Jason Yost    745 day(s) ago
That is so awesome!
Sue Mitrisin    745 day(s) ago
Amazing! To your continued success!! Go IBO!
Deleon Duckworth   745 day(s) ago
Thanks Tom and Rosanne!! Im Keeping on too
Deleon Duckworth   745 day(s) ago
Thank you Rev Margaret!!
Tom+Rosanne McKinney   746 day(s) ago
My friend, just keep on keeping on. Soon you will have 30,000 views.
Rev. Margaret A. Franklin   746 day(s) ago
Awesome Deleon. Just phenomenal.
Deleon Duckworth   746 day(s) ago
Thank you Cindy..You will get there in No are not alone.. We are all here to Help you!! Have a Good Night!
Cindy Baur   746 day(s) ago
That's great that you got 20,000 profile views. I only hope I can get that many..... Great job.
Deleon Duckworth   746 day(s) ago
Thank you Ramesh,Rick,Dan, and Ann for the Kind Words!!Im glad I have you all as My Extended Family!! Be Blessed
Ann Oakley    746 day(s) ago
DeLeon a great Blog shouting IBO and Paul Williams from the roof top. he is the greatest because of IBO my blogs are on page one number one of millions of searches. Go IBO
Dan Evans   746 day(s) ago
Wow that is awesome! Keep up the good work!
Rick Hema   746 day(s) ago
wow,now thats pretty awesome man! congratulations and may you have more success.
Ramesh Khanal   746 day(s) ago
IBOtoolbox is a great free platform for independent business owners. I am glad you found it.
Deleon Duckworth   746 day(s) ago
Thank you Sig..You Played apart in this Milestone!! Thank you for Being such a Wonderful IboCitizen to Me!! Wishing you Much More Success
Sigurd Skeie   746 day(s) ago
Very good news and Congrats. Its great to read this Blog and your 20,000 Keep it going Success Sig

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