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Push Marketing or Pull Marketing, You Need to Know the Difference
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Since the beginning of human business interaction, people and companies have marketed their products and services with one or both of these marketing strategies. Its not to difficult to imagine what is meant by the term, push marketing or pull marketing. Most larger companies employ both to some extent. As the entrepreneurial market explodes with new marketers its wise to have some education in knowing the difference. Each has its own place and appropriate use.

Pull marketing can be defined as showing a commercial of somebody famous holding up a soft drink then we all go out and buy it. Another example would be advertising “Half off all suits" or “buy one get one free”. The merchant is literally trying to pull customers into their door using enticements. Coupons are a form of pull marketing. There is usually a “limited time” aspect to create a perceived emergent need to act.

Push marketing typically is developed by a company to have the retailer promote their product over other products. These might include discounts or bonuses having the retailer feel a sense of gain concentrating on your product over others. Push marketing is also used mostly in work from home marketing. Word of mouth recommendations or selling to friends and family is a form off push marketing. You are literally pushing the product into the market. Network marketing and MLM’s usually market this way however the times are changing. You are starting to see huge older network companies like Amway and others beginning to use television pull marketing to compliment their traditional strategies.

One such company, LegalShield has initiated a few YouTube video campaigns and will likely bring their traditional push marketing strategy into a combination push and pull structure as have some of the other network companies. Right now LegalShield is poised to make a huge jump in the marketplace. They have been 2 to 3% of the U.S. and Canadian marketplace for years. Their type of “legal services coverage” has been as high as 80% in Europe for over 100 years and is mandatory in some cases. There is no reason to believe legal services will be any different on this side of the Atlantic.

Network marketing is exploding around the world and forward thinking companies such as LegalShield will certainly reap the rewards for having their finger on the pulse of the markets. Is Legal Shield a good home business opportunity? By all accounts the answer is simply yes. There are thousands of full-time and part-time independent associates who truly love the company. Can you make money with LegalShield? Again, after 40 years in business a company with virtually no competition which has made many millionaires might be a good bet for a home based business. There is a lot of great training for the home worker on how to succeed in LegalShield. They have meetings and events all over the US and most of Canada. Where can you go to get a good LegalShield review? There are many sites and blogs for more information on this legitimate home business opportunity. For more information you might want to check out You can truly make a living while making a difference with LegalShield.

Robin Rothwell

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