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Foliar Feeding Can Almost Cure Nutrient Deficiencies and More !
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Foliar Feeding Can Almost Instantly Cure Nutrient Deficiencies and More

Foliar feeding means to by pass the plant’s root system and deliver plant nutrients dissolved in water directly to plant cells through their leaves. Most gardeners, organic or not, usually feed nutrients to their soil, let them breakdown, and wait for the roots to take them up. It’s very effective, but slow. If you begin to see a nutrient deficiency, you need a quick fix.

Feeding the nutrients in liquid form by spraying the leaves is that quick fix. Some gardeners see the results within hours. Plus it is easy to do. You can use a 2 gallon watering can with just 2 tablespoons of Liquid fertilizer concentrate, like Miracle grow to do the trick.

Organic gardeners can use liquid organic fertlizer , and others can use chemical or synthetic fertilizers like Miracle Gro. Any run off falls to the soil, where roots can later take it up later.

While the root system is the primary feeding system for most plants, all have the ability to assimilate nutrients through their leaves, which are a green factory responsible for assimilating carbon and other elements through the process of photosynthesis.

The leaves can process and absorb all of the macro nutrients a plant needs as well as the micro nutrients that are particularly difficult for organic gardeners to provide in the soil alone. Correcting deficiencies is only part of the picture.

Foliar feed fruit crops, like tomatoes and cucumbers, onions, lettuce and many other vegies, will greatly increase both fruit set and yield. Lettuce, spinach and leafy veggies will grow to maturity faster, while remaining sweet and tender.

Organic gardeners can spray on liquid Fish Fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, and other seaweed fertilizer sprays that often have as many as 50 different trace elements that plants need for health and growth. It is difficult to know the trace element content of most dry organic fertilizers, so foliar feeding can make up for what the soil is lacking.

Many seniors, and other gardeners with physical limitations, have difficulty with the manual labor required to feed their gardens. Using liquid fertilizers like Miracle Gro, or the equivalent, can enable those gardeners to enjoy the same healthy fruits and vegetables as other gardeners. If you can turn on a faucet and drag a hose around, you can feed your garden.

Miracle Gro Lets The Lazy Or Limited Gardener Succeed

Miracle Gro, sometimes-misspelled miracle grow, fertilizer helps the senior, the physically limited, and the just-plain-lazy gardener grow veggies like the best of us. It also can provide essential plant nutrients that novices may not yet know are needed.

Let me give you an example. I tend a garden behind a home and land owned by a senior citizen couple. Actually, he is old enough to collect social security.

He has gardened all his life, but after a stroke it was all he could do to walk out into the garden. Making compost, digging in manure and other organic practices were completely beyond his diminished abilities. He thought his gardening days were over.

Then he discovered Miracle Gro, by the Scotts Company. It is liquid fertilizer applied with a feeder that connects to the end of a garden hose. If you're strong enough to turn on a faucet and drag a hose around, you can still feed the garden.

It has all of the primary, secondary and minor plant nutrients that a plant needs to thrive, and is Foliar feeding at its best.

Suddenly, my senior friend was back to his gardening glory, able to feed and grow his vegetables, flowers and shrubs and harvest fresh wholesome produce.

Scotts has an All Purpose Plant Food formulation with current fertilizer numbers of 24-8-16. They claim it is good for all plants, and it works great for lawns and shrubs, corn and leafy vegetables. Not so well for fruiting vegetables and flowers, these all require higher levels of phosphorus.

They have a great Tomato Plant Food (18-18-21) that works pretty well. But for my tomatoes and other fruiting veggies, I prefer their Bloom Booster (15-30-15). Intended primarily for flowers, the extra phosphorus gives my veggies more blooms and a better fruit set. That makes my garden more prolific.

All of these have the necessary secondary and trace elements that your plants need, so they provide your plants with a complete meal. Foliar feeding means that soil pH even becomes less of an issue. The excess run off goes into the soil to be taken up later by the roots.

If you have a small garden, don’t use the hose feeder, mix a teaspoon or two into each gallon of water and sprinkle it on with your watering can. Either way, they are water soluble and will dissipate quickly. Repeat the feeding every one to three weeks until harvest for continued vigorous growth.

Are the Scotts products the only chemical liquid fertilizers on the market? No, they're just the most popular. There are others that are just as effective. Make sure that the one you choose has the necessary secondary and trace elements included.

I believe in organic gardening, but if you are physically limited, lazy or still learning what your plants need, Miracle Gro might be your best solution.

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