posted on: 5/18/2012 11:45:23 AM EST
Are We Following Up With Prospects?
Fear, Rejection, Closing, Organization

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I had one weakness which was holding me back from earning serious money. It was not following up with prospects the way I should have been. I have enrolled in programs with net workers who were strong in follow up--it sometimes took them months to close me.

We all understand the power of following up, but I am sure you know members in your down lines who are not doing it. Why?

They fear rejection. They avoid hearing the word "No". The phone seems like a one hundred pound weight. They need a mentor who will help them alleviate fear.

They don't want to appear pushy. They themselves hate being "Sold." Don't we all? We
can employ the concept of permission marketing by listening to prospect and finding out
what they need and want.

They forget. They have no system for following up. It is simply a lack of organization. When I was using an auto responder, I had prospects signing up while I was sleeping. Even top earners have
let a sale get away from them but have their systems in place.

They have not been taught. They should be encouraged to read books and articles or view
videos on following up. In addition, their sponsors should do 3-way calls to show them what to say,
what questions to ask, and how to respond to questions and objections. I have learned from some of the best mentors by staying silent and taking notes while listening.

I am getting better at following up by telling myself what I am going to do, and then Doing It.
I welcome your comments.

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Ann Moses    1363 day(s) ago
Hi Sandra, This is a very important step to take in building relationships with prospects. Without following up you don't have any idea as to what kind of help you can help them with. The line of communication is key. I am glad that you have put your foot down to do the right thing to building your relationships with your potential prospects. Enjoy your day!
Ginger Neal   1363 day(s) ago
Great blog! Following up with prospects is my weakness too!
Olia Slad   1363 day(s) ago
So interesting blog Sandra - thank you! Being organized is a must for every marketer!
Donna Walker   1363 day(s) ago
Thanks for your information Sandra, very helpful. Have a great day!

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