posted on: 12/2/2013 6:26:44 PM EST
Mastermindfever Group 30day Challenge
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Today is the first day of My Life

New Beginnings

I declare that with the Mentorship of Aurore Jones, Lydia Brown and my new Mastermind Partner Sharon Tamani that I will run this Race whole heartedly.

I have been apart of this group Mastermind Fever for about 6 months

And now is my time to give back

E Tu Ra

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In preparation for this challenge I advertised on our group page that I was looking for a mastermind partner.. As #instruction# by our group #leaders#

I know Having a mastermind/accountability partner is key to my future success

In the business of #Internet marketing# your friends and family do not understand the hours you spend on the Internet as being time invested in their future.. 

It's especially hard if your bank does not reflect the time spent..

Generally in my circle of friends when people are using their iPads, computers, phones etc (outside of work) they are using the social networks to keep up with local news, songs, videos and the hottest Game at the moment #CANDY CRUSH#


It is so Important to have a Mastermind Partner who understands what you are going through. Who you can bounce ideas off and who you know is not always going to be Pitching their business to you..

So this is the Start of a new beginning

P.s video to follow 

If you would like to come join with us in this amazing group connect with me and use the Words


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Jaye Carden    785 day(s) ago
Videos are actually easy to do after you do a few. Great post and thanks for sharing it with us.
Sharaleen Brown   785 day(s) ago
thank you for your comments they're all so encouraging. hmm posting a video is such a huge ugly frog.
Brandon J Urquhart I   786 day(s) ago
Awesome post! Thank you for sharing this press release with us! Have a successful day! Go IBO! Go IBO!!!
Jack (JMAC) McLaughlin    786 day(s) ago
Thanks for the post Sharaleen. Have a blessed day.
Bill Bateman    786 day(s) ago
Time to follow up with us with that video. Sounds like a good concept.

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