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Timtech is doing it again, Nerdbux is released
Timtech, Nerdbux, Clicktrackprofit, advertising, branding

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Timtech is doing it again... Nerdbux is comming online.

TimTech is the creators of the amazing Clicktrackprofit.

A Free to use training and advertising system that has been around for years now, and it keeps growing as we speak. The Timtech team is really a one to trust company, with a lot of experience in marketing and advertising.

If you not checked ClickTrackprofit yet, I can recommand to take a closer look at it:


CTP - Training and Advertising 


Well what I wanted to tell you this time, is that Timtech now has released theyr own new Big Site, the Nerdbux.

And I have no doubt about those folks releasing this, as they are well known, and trusted. And there is no doubt that this is going to be one of the Biggest PTC sites that is around.

So what is really NerdBux?

NerdBux is a free advertising portal that lets customers from all over the world reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers.

On top of that, members of NerdBux can earn real cash from looking at our advertisers websites in real time. 

It is a free to join program, from one of the big marketing and advertising companys online, the well known and trusted timtech.

One of the fun features they have added is the NerdGrid, its a game inside the nerdbux site, where you can check out ads, and win money. And yes its Free to play.

As this site just launched, I had to share it with you out there, so you all had a chance to take a closer look allready from day 1. And I really do believe that many of you out there will find it a nice, and good tool on top of all the fun.


Timtech - NerdBux 


I can tell you this, timtech will not go away, timtech has amazing support, and real people that you will find in many different chat rooms on theyr programs. They are real people, people like you and me, that believe in friendship and good branding.

I recommand You to look into it today.

For our success



Get aboard as one of the first:

Nerdbux - Next generation PTC 


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Sigurd Skeie   948 day(s) ago
Don thx for the feedback, and it doesnt only sound great it has become the Internets new powerfull PTC, with owners with 11years experience in the markting world. and never missed a payout to members. And growing like wildfire now. Just the last 24 hours +1000 members joined i, I told this a few days ago it opend, and still people wait..there is no need to wait, its now it is time
Don Merrill   948 day(s) ago
Hi Sig. NerdBux sounds great! I tweeted this for you. I hope that helps more people see it. Go IBO!
Sigurd Skeie   949 day(s) ago
mike, thx a lot for feedback and i use it for advertising ma dto share the program itself to let people get a chance to be in form the start and earn on read ads FREE. CED thats a Statement I couldnt say better myself, and yes theyr "Ever Green" products. Success and Respect, And God Bless you for your true words and spirit.
Pastor Ced Reynolds    949 day(s) ago
Timtech never ceases to amaze me. They come out with more services that help online marketers than most any other company online. They get it regarding "every green" products. Let the hits keep on coming. Thanks Sigurd. Continued success to you as you help others explore the best of the best.
Michael Jenkins   949 day(s) ago
Thanks Sig for sharig this. I am always looking for a good site for advertising.

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