info current as of: 2/11/2016
Position: Brand Partner
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I'm Nancy Hof, a SnackHealthy business owner in Atlanta, GA. As a member of The Leadership Team, I work directly with the TOP three business leaders who launched snackhealthy in January 2012 – Kenny Hodge, Debbie Stein, and Donna McPheeters. You have a chance to be one of the very first Brand Partners in your marketplace.

Snackhealhty (SNAX) as a company, is committed to the goal of healthy living, especially as it relates to children. One of our main goals is to make a dent in childhood obesity by offering families healthy, convenient, 'Better for You' snack options. Our snacks are GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, DIARY FREE, NON GMO, KOSHER, VEGAN, NO sugar added and NO Preservatives.

One of the many unique differentiators of snackhealthy is that the company is completely online! NO inventory and NO parties to host.

THIS IS A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY to join a Publicly Traded Company (SNAX).

Come see what all the buzz is about ...