posted on: 12/16/2013 12:07:10 PM EST
DETOX - Oh What Fun It Is To SAVE !
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Ti's the Season to DETOX !


Packages available just in time for the holiday, so you can cheat and eat, all your favourite foods. 

*Look at these fantastic discounts !

End 2013 with a BANG and Jump Start 2014.....With Total Fitness !

Gift Wrap a WRAP....because these holiday gift sets come with special wrapping to include along with a cocoa mug, cozy robe and warm slippers! Now that's a different kind of spa gift!

Survive with Greens to enhance the DETOX, remember discounts like these don't come everyday! There is nothing like the feeling of feeling completely clean internally and externally, you can do both here at IT WORKS* all  from one location, all from one place.

In any event, we wouldn't want to run about at the beginning of 2014 because we didn't order the stock up that we needed, would we?

And what about New Year's Eve, when we reflect on our figures? Will we be ready to face the looking glass? Does that old party outfit still fit? Have you noticed that, year on year, the fashions are gearing toward showing off the contours and every inch of the body?

Perhaps, you will be able to abandon those old styles with something new and exciting this year, provided you have a New YOU!

Oh Ho! While we are here don't forget to roll back the clock with beauty facials, as well!

Looking great from head to toe. So, what are you waiting for?



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Carla Jones   776 day(s) ago
*~*Keep the gifting going all the way to the New Year with our Holiday Gift Sets, now available through December 31!*~* ENJOY !!
Jason Lockhart   779 day(s) ago
Like the post and the video was entertaining :)
Lucille Jordan   786 day(s) ago
Hi Carla, just what I need this season. L&S.
Brandy N Johnson   786 day(s) ago
Hello Carla, thanks for sharing this information!
Carla Jones   786 day(s) ago
Wonderful of you to say so, Oleksandr !!

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