posted on: 1/13/2014 11:07:55 AM EST
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SMASH is the all-inclusive business solution that increases productivity while saving you valuable time and money.

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SMASH simplifies the way you do business.  Each area of our system is designed to reduce your time, organize your life and increase your visibility online, all in one easy to use system. Cutting-edge technology paired with a people first mentality, SMASH brings the personal touch back to your growing business.

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The average person from CEO to mom may use up to 15 different tools to keep their day organized. Sound exhausting? It is! Not to mention different companies don't always integrate! With SMASH you can keep your contacts, social media, calendars and tasks organized, managed and at your fingertips. At SMASH our goal is provide you with the software and technology that puts people and relationships first. Strong relationships lead to an increased bottom line. Let SMASH show you how!

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SMASH Contact Manager, Integrated Calendar, Tasks and Events feature.

So come with me on this Magnificent Journey and together we will quell human suffering around the globe.

Just say to yourself, "If it is to be, then it is up to me!" 

My charities and I would love to have you! Remember you are better than you think you are. Let us go around the globe to find worthwhile individuals willing to help us make a better world and delete their poverty status. Let us purge the world to find intelligent well meaning individuals that only need a chance!

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Happy Smashing!

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Betty Johansen   414 day(s) ago
Smash sounds amazing. I'll keep it in mind for future reference. I hope you're busy smashing the competition in 2014!
Ahmed kaley   524 day(s) ago
Very useful information,great tools and very nice layout... all the BEST
Carla Jones   531 day(s) ago
Yes indeed, Curtiss ! The recently renovated site is phenomenal, I can scarcely believe with my own eyes the changes that have made ! Thank you for your comment.
Curtiss Martin    531 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing your information about SMASH, Carla. They are developing some excellent tools over there. Thanks for sharing.
Nichola James    532 day(s) ago
A great presentation about your business opportunity Smash! Carla, thanks for sharing! L&S

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