posted on: 1/24/2012 4:50:42 PM EST
What Obstacles do you face to lose Weight?
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Anyone that has at one point in time decided to try to go on a diet and lose weight knows that there are so many obstacles that occur over and over to knock you off track in your quest to lose weight! It seems to be relentless and it is so hard to lose the weight, yet it seems so easy to gain it right back after all the hard work and exercise.

How do you avoid those obstacles? Of course we can all blame the Holiday Season! You can’t avoid it though. That seems to be the number #1 obstacle in knocking me off track! It has once again this year! My wife bakes all of this good food, cookies, candies & dessert which is great for the Children & Grandchildren but then the leftovers are left sitting here and I have no will power to avoid eating them!

Then, there are the Christmas & New Years Parties that seem to be constant since Thanksgiving! Again surrounded by great food & drinks with no will power to stop me from eating & drinking!

So, this year I did do better than years past because of my desire to lose weight for my daughters upcoming wedding with the Visalus Body by Vi 90 day challenge. Taking at least 1 Vi-Shape shake per day along with Nutra-Slim to help curb my appetite and Nutra-Trim to help speed up my metabolism. That helped me suppress my appetite somewhat, got the nutrition I needed and helped me maintain my weight.

My plan to reach my goal for 2012 and challenge would be to avoid as many obstacles as possible by:
1.Sending the extra food home with the children & grandchildren.
2.Developing some will power!
3.Avoiding junk food or just don’t have snacks in the house.
4.Drinking more water and less soft drinks.
5.Exercising/walking more often.
6.Planning my diet and working my plan. Stay focused!

How will you handle your obstacles in 2012? Join me on my next 90-Day Challenge in January at perhaps we can all stay focused together and avoid those obstacles!

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