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How do ViSalus Products work with Dr Oz Diet Tips?
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How do ViSalus Products work in conjunction with Dr Oz Diet Tips?

Dr. Oz is America's Dr. Find out how to successfully lose weight with the Dr. Oz diet tips. He is so likable and with good reason - he tells us the simple truth that we all instinctively know. According to Dr. Oz' weight loss tips - simple small changes are the best way to gradually lose weight.

Fill up in the a.m
Dr. Oz advises that you must have breakfast. Breakfast is important for a variety of reasons according to Dr. Oz. "When you have fiber for breakfast, you're not hungry all day long because you've got stable blood sugar." A high fiber breakfast will also release the hormone cholecystokinin which lets your brain know you are full, according to a study at University California Davis. Also, it has been shown that women who eat breakfast eat 100 fewer calories throughout the day than non breakfast eaters. Suggested solution is the ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix! It has the fiber, protein & nutrition that works well with keeping you full and low on calories!

Shave off 100 calories!

Dr. Oz reveals that dieters who are successful for the long term do not try to reduce too many calories per day. "Don't try to lose 500 a day, you're not going to be able to do it. It's like holding your breath under water-you've got to come up eventually." Dr. Oz's best weight loss tip indicates the magic number of calories to reduce per day is 100. "Every long term study on people who have lost weight and kept it off for two years has shared one basic insight: Every day try to shave off 100 calories.

The ViSalus Balance Kit is an excellent choice as a daily replacement meal to help you reduce your calories!

Automate one meal!

This advice actually surprised me. The journal of Obesity showed that another long term loser (people who have lost 30 pounds or more and kept the weight off for 6 years) success secret is to find healthy foods you like and stick to them. Dr. Oz's advice makes sense, he says "you 'automate' your behavior so even when you're stressed or tired, by default, you'll do the best think for your body." So maybe it is oatmeal for breakfast or a turkey on wheat with a salad for lunch. Just come up with 6 healthy choice meals you can rotate in at the appropriate time and take the thinking out of it!

Drink your veggies!

Dr. Oz starts his day with a sip that is proven to facilitate weight loss and optimize health. Dr. Oz's weight loss drink is a concoction of cucumbers, apples and leafy greens. He encourages us to do this since one of his tip concerns is that we are simply not getting sufficient nourishment from standard diets. Dr. Oz says, "We know we have to have at least five fistfuls of leafy green vegetables and fruit every day, so we make a morning green drink." Studies also show that there may be big benefits to drinking your vegetables. Blending helps break apart plant cell walls and makes the micronutrients much more readily absorbable.

Suggested Solution: To get the nutritional value of your veggies is to drink one ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake Daily!

Spice things up!

Here are some of what Dr. Oz calls "his skinny spices". Just with the name alone, I am liking these spices. Ginger: This powerful spice can turbocharge metabolism by about 20 percent for up to 3 hours. Simply slice fresh ginger and stir fry with veggies. Cinnamon: Dr. Oz likes cinnamon for it's ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and curb cravings. Sprinkle ½ teaspoon on toast, oatmeal or an apple. Mustard: This condiment revs metabolism by 25 percent. "dark mustards are a little bit better than light mustards - they'll actually increase your metabolism a little bit more," Dr. Oz has said. To get the effect, mix a drop or two of hot mustard into ranch dressing for a spicy veggie dip, or mix with may and slather on sandwiches. Cayenne Pepper: Add a pinch of this fiery spice to hummus, soups or chili and Canadian researchers say you'll boost your ability to burn fat by 10 percent for up to three hours.

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