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About my Business Tartra Technologies
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After 34 years in the Corporate Industry & 6 years in Retail, I have now decided to invest my energy into Opportunities available through the internet.

My goal is to share opportunities with as many people as I can, by providing various electronic platforms via my trading name Tartra Technologies for them to do the same. (The name Tartra comes from the first 3 characters of each of my two daughters' names Tara & Tracey)

To give someone an opportunity in life is one of the greatest gifts one can give.

While I am fairly new to this front I'm hoping to gain reasonable expertise into being an opportunity Adviser, giving & doing:
- Advice on opportunities, research into opportunities, identifying & selecting opportunities
- Extensive research & background checks on opportunities
- Being highly selective in the opportunities I promote.
- In 5 years from now there will have been another Google or Facebook opportunity explode onto the scene and we will wonder how on earth we could have managed without whatever product / service it provides.

When that arrives I will already be part "Be part of that Future!" and I am hoping to help and guide as many people I can on this fantastic journey into present and future opportunities.

In my relatively short 3 months in this field, I have learned an enormous amount and can boast a Linked In Group Membership of 138 in a mere 8 weeks, and in my Independent Business Owners Network (IBO Tool Box), I have 222 Associates in a mere 4 weeks!

Hoping to help and share opportunities with many, many more. Here's to OUR Success together! TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!

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