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How to win friends and Influence People.......
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Hello there my name is Robert Frasier so nice to meet you, What's your name? This is always good introduction when meeting new people. In relationship marketing it is so important that you get to know the people you meet if you ever intend on building a long lasting business relationship.

Dale Carnegie wrote a book many years ago called How to win Friends and Influence People. In this incredible book what does he talk about Winning Friends and Influencing people that you meet by building relationships. No where in the book did he state that in order to win friends you must send them unsolicited emails or phone call trying to pitch them your opportunity.

People are not interested in joining businesses they will join people who they know, like and trust, This was the premises of the book. It is a shame for someone to call you and speak with you as if they are really interested in you as a person and before you get off the phone they are trying to pitch you, then they soon forget your name call you on another occasion and try to pitch you on something different.

I have followed the principles of the book How to win friends and influence people and have been able to build lasting relationships with many people. Do yourself a favor if you truly want to be successful in business build the relationship first, allow the people who are interested in you approach you about what you have to offer.

If you haven't read the book I highly recommend that you get it and read it, Your success depends on what you learn from it.........

Robert Frasier

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Anthony Lombardo   1514 day(s) ago
Hello Robert, your are so right people don't join the program or buy the product they join because of you. Yet people still do spam emails and so forth
Carolyn Coleman-Grady   1514 day(s) ago
Hey Robert nice to see you and love your blog. liked and shared
Robert Coaster   1514 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Robert that book "How to win friends and influence people" is one of my favorite books on interacting with people & helped me greatly when i worked in customer service. Will tweet for you.

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