posted on: 12/13/2011 9:57:42 AM EST
What to do when commenting
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I have read a lot of blogs over the past years. I always like to pay close attention to the comments on the blogs. Most people do not read the comments but only the post. I know this because I see the same comment written in a new comment just a little different. I am not saying there is something wrong with this, but if someone is asking a certain question and a few comments down someone else is asking the same question. Then you know that person is not reading the comments. Now if there is a big gap in the comments meaning, the dates the comment was posted with no response. Then it would be OK to ask the same question to see if you may get a response.

Above you will see a link to my web site regarding commenting. Please take a moment and read. If you like it and see any useful information please share with your favorite social networks.

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TIM VILLARD   858 day(s) ago
Your exactly right Antonio! Great addition to the post my friend:)
Antonio Perrin   858 day(s) ago
Its would be wise for a someone to read another person blog before commenting on it because if they just repeating what someone else had to say than that doesn't look good on the individual who is only repeating what they see instead of sharing their thoughts.
TIM VILLARD   858 day(s) ago
I am glad you were able to get a nugget out of this posting Dee. Have a wonderful day my friend!
Dee Martin   858 day(s) ago
Tim, Thanks for the information. In this case, I learned something from the comments about backlinks. I didn't even know that backlinks are generated by commenting. I'll have to research that subject some more.
TIM VILLARD   858 day(s) ago
Thank you Joshua for taking the time and reading my blog. I appreciate your nice comment. Have a great day my friend:)
Joshua Lindsey   858 day(s) ago
I just found your blog about blogging, branding, commenting, readers comments and WOW great job you are right many people do not read the other comments which can turn into a full time job for large blogs, Great post keep up the great work!
TIM VILLARD   860 day(s) ago
Sharon thank you for taking the time and commenting. I need to add that when commenting on other posts make sure you check the page rank of the blog you are commenting on. This is very important as well.
Sharon Tate   860 day(s) ago
I appreciate your comments about comments! :) I think some people don't understand how powerful the backlinks and wording of their comments are to themselves AND the original post. I'm trying to increase my awareness of all these things when blogging!
TIM VILLARD   860 day(s) ago
Yes, Bev, that is unfortunate. But if you leave a comment on a post and your link is not relevant to the post. Google will ding you. You will not know it but you just wasted a lot of time commenting. Thanks for your comment!
Bev Brossy   860 day(s) ago
Unfortunately, Tim, a lot of people leave comments simply to get backlinks. However, if you wish to create a quality backlink, it is important to include both your keyword and the keyword of the blog post when commenting

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