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Getting started with IBOTOOLBOX
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Welcome to IBOtoolbox, you are going to love it here! Let’s keep this really simple! The first thing you are going to want to do is complete your profile. This is your first step to unlocking many free tools for your business. IBOtoolbox rewards you with 100 credits (500 ads) to advertise your business just for completing 3 easy tasks!

To get your 100 starter credits, click on profile at the top right of your dashboard:

1. Change your profile image
2. Update your geographic info
3. Add your business info

Once complete, return to the dashboard and your credits will be issued!

If you want to learn how to really maximize IBOtoolbox, click on the “help” link in the back office or go directly to the training blog at where you can watch step by step videos or documentation regarding the many features of IBOtoolbox.

We have an IBO Support Group on Facebook that I highly recommend you join! This is for IBO members only - no posting of any links, just support about anything related to IBO.

Help us spread the word about IBO and everyone wins!! You can find your invite links and banners to promote IBOtoolbox by clicking on Links/Widgets then Show Links and Banners.

Have a great IBO day and we wish you much success!

Tim Villard

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